App NameNotification History Log
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Notification History Log helps you take good control of your work and improve your work efficiency. Don’t miss any notifications, even if you delete them by mistake or miss them. To make that never happen again, we created this app to remind you of your notifications or notification history that you accidentally deleted. Thanks to this application, you can create a notification log with to-dos and easily keep track of completed notifications.

Notification History LogNotification History Log


What do you do when you miss an important announcement or delete notifications that you haven’t read yet? Confused or worried when you are faced with threats such as dismissal or missing important exams? That will never happen when you own Notification History Log, a leading application in reminders, and can search for deleted notifications. Like magic in the technology age, you will find old or deleted notifications yourself with this app.

Don’t worry when you have just deleted an important message, and you can find it anytime in the notification trash with the most detailed information. Users can view deleted messages easily with advanced history features. Moreover, with this application, users can search for important notifications that have been archived when entering keywords about notifications or searching based on a certain time.


Finding old notifications is no longer difficult with the notification search by topic on the Notification History Log. Users will create themes according to light or dark categories and put notifications in each category. Notifications sent to or created by yourself will be remembered when they are due, and you will easily find them on your phone by the timeline displayed on the screen. Create an announcement list with a given topic, and be sure you will easily find items created by yourself.

Notification History LogNotification History Log


Thanks to this app, you won’t miss any important notifications. To get notifications quickly, add this app’s widget to your phone’s home screen. When you enable this feature, your phone will show all notifications along with a specific time. Whether it’s junk or important news, you need to get all the notifications so you can organize and schedule meetings for yourself.


It’s convenient that any important reminders won’t miss you, and especially in this app, you are also not affected by unimportant notifications. Join and now give yourself a black list on the Notification History Log; it will create a space for you to work with important news. Junk news, once sent, is sent to a blacklist created by you. You can set keywords or contact notes not to be bothered by spam notifications.

Notification History Log


Users will own an account to log in to this app, and you can also use it to sign in to any of your existing devices. When using the backup and restore feature, users will receive a “post message” when clicking on the notification history. When you use this application, there will not be any loss or drift of notifications, especially since all notifications are always kept safe and secure.

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