Otouto Scramble – Remake is a simulation-style game when his mother has a new marriage for herself. At that time, the three sons in the Osaka family will have a new life with exciting stories.

App NameOtouto Scramble
PublisherGenius Inc
Latest Version2.1.10
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Otouto Scramble – Remake: Anime Boyfriend Romance is a game that lets you feel the unique stories of your parents’ remarried life. This will be a game not to be missed for players who have a taste for simulation games that can expose them to special situations. Coming to the game, you will be involved in a new life – where his mother had a remarriage with a new man.

Otouto Scramble – Remake: Anime Boyfriend RomanceOtouto Scramble – Remake: Anime Boyfriend Romance


One of the unique advantages that games built around simulation can do very well will be creating exciting situations. Now, when participating in Otouto Scramble – Remake, a particular situation will arise when my biological mother has a new marriage with her boyfriend. But all troublesome situations will only come to you when you will learn that the new mother has had three sons from her previous marriage.

And don’t be too surprised by the story that the three sons who will be the Osaka family will soon be the new members of their family. It is also because of the simulation gameplay that you will be able to start your new life with more scenarios with more options for each case. Try your hand at seeing what stories might now happen to your new family.


Besides organizing the gameplay system and an exciting story, developing the character system is equally important. And the main characters are developed by Otouto Scramble – Remake in terms of images, emotions, and personalities in a really unique way. The first will be the eldest brother in the Itsuki family; he is a kind person who loves children and has a dream of becoming a pediatrician.

Next will be the second brother Akane, he is a pompous and fiery person, with a hot temper on the outside, but deep inside is a kind heart. And finally will be Izumi with a very calm lifestyle but always having to face being bullied in her school. Each character will have their own path, and it will be you who will find a way to integrate into your family’s new life.

Otouto Scramble – Remake: Anime Boyfriend RomanceOtouto Scramble – Remake: Anime Boyfriend Romance


  • A game built in a simulation-style will bring special situations that need to be solved.
  • Encountered a difficult situation when his mother started a new married life and he had three sons.
  • The way you handle different situations gives you extraordinary feelings as the eldest sister.
  • The character system is built by the game with images, personalities, and separate stories.
  • Graphics are designed in a wonderful, engaging, and unique anime style.
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