Pedometer is an application that can help you track your calories burned and your walking distance in the most straightforward way. All of the following information will be displayed extremely accurately in graph form.

App NamePedometer
PublisherSimple Design Ltd.
GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Version2.2.3
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This application cannot be ignored if you want to count your steps every day. Each day you can set your own goals and then try to walk more, exercise more challenging to achieve the original plans. Besides, the valuable features available in this application will help you save a lot of battery.


Using Pedometer, users will enjoy the unique features appearing in this application. This is considered the most accurate pedometer used by many people. How many kilometers you walk each day and how many steps you take will be displayed most straightforwardly and correctly. Moreover, this is also a pedometer that saves battery and does not use too much power. That’s why you should download it to enjoy all the modern advantages it has right now!

Pedometer – Step Counter , Walking AppPedometer – Step Counter , Walking App


Each of your steps will be displayed as detailed and specific reporting charts. They are designed specifically for this application, making it easier for all users to track the route and more convenient when comparing today’s and yesterday’s walks. In addition, you also have the right to check your intermediate steps statistics every week or every month, which is exceptionally accurate.


Pedometer will create conditions for you to have a beautiful body and the best health. You should exercise and walk for 15 to 30 minutes after each dinner regularly to exercise the body and reduce the number of calories absorbed. This application will carefully record every detail of your activity during exercise very thoughtfully and professionally. All information is provided quickly and saves a lot of time. As long as you know how to try and work hard, you will achieve your goals in just a short time.

Pedometer – Step Counter , Walking AppPedometer – Step Counter , Walking App


When using Pedometer, you will not need to log in cumbersomely but can still use it most conveniently. Moreover, this app will never collect or expose your private information to the outside, and that’s why you should rest assured and trust to use it most comfortably. Also, you will get all the features available in this app because it’s 100% free. Please take advantage of the benefits it has to serve the needs of your life with better quality.


Pedometer will give users the most straightforward interface, with harmonious and easy-to-see colors, creating a pleasant feeling for all users. Besides, the content and statistics are arranged and shown very specifically, clearly, and accurately. Moreover, the layout arrangement is also unified, making it easier for everyone to use and keep track of all the numbers. Most significantly, everyone has the right to download this application to meet their needs most effectively.

Pedometer – Step Counter , Walking AppPedometer – Step Counter , Walking App


  • Considered the best pedometer ever and highly appreciated by many users for its service quality.
  • Provide you with the most detailed and detailed step-by-step tracking charts.
  • Helps you improve your health through walking while also creating an opportunity for you to lose weight and have a better shape.
  • Capable of ensuring privacy for all users; rest assured to enjoy and explore everything here.
  • Simple interface mainly displays the content most straightforwardly.
  • Is an application capable of helping you save battery power and reduce the consumption of electrical energy.
  • 100% free features for you to use freely and forever; no need to buy a license.
  • Open to many participants, whether you are a student, a student or a working person, even retired grandparents.
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