Photo Resizer is a unique tool that users can quickly resize images. Especially after resizing tasks, the image’s resolution will be able to keep to the maximum.

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Photo Resizer is an application that can give its users an extremely professional image editing experience. If you are a person who owns professional work related to images and is looking for a tool that can satisfy the job, this is the right application. With this application, users will be able to use the best features developed by leading experts.

Photo Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in BatchPhoto Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in Batch


If you are a person who is doing professional work with a series of many different photos that need to be resized, what to do? Resizing an image already seems like a relatively difficult task, with a large number of images will be a big problem. But if you own Photo Resizer, your problems will be solved quickly with just a few steps to select images, and the system will help you do the rest.


Besides, for users who do not want to change the size of the photo but instead it is to crop their image. This is one of the photo editing operations that are considered extremely simple, with many different photo editors equipped. You’ll also be able to do this directly inside the app’s photo editing section.


In addition, the application is also designed to be able to target many different users, so the features also need to be diverse. Instead of professional users resizing images in bulk, you can also resize individual photos. Just let the application’s system know which is the image you want to resize, then other operations will be highly optimized for the user.


Today, many photo editing applications often encounter a problem that does not save the image after completing the user’s editing work. And this will cause terrible experiences with a lot of effort, and the time that users have spent will now disappear in a moment. So with this application, you will be completely assured that the system will always be ready to save your images after the editing operations have been completed.

Photo Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in BatchPhoto Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in Batch


Photo Resizer with its resizing feature with the desire to bring users the best quality images. The photos that have been resized in the application will be able to keep the image quality so that you can use them for many different purposes. And to help its users feel more secure, the application has also created a feature that allows users to compare the image quality before and after resizing.


Next will also be a feature that can support its users to be able to control the resolution of the image for many different tasks. With this feature, the resolution of the most used images can be predefined so that you can personalize your experience. The operations to be able to perform this feature will also be extremely simple through the option that has been prepared for you by the application.


One of the features that Photo Resizer offers to best improve the user experience is the ability to share images directly. Thereby, users will not only have the system automatically store images after editing but also can share pictures directly to different applications. Popular social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, VKontakte, KakaoTalk, etc., and email and text messages will be supported.


The last feature that all apps need to take care of to give their users the best experience is the user interface. An application with a beautiful interface, easy to use will be able to help users quickly get used to and use the correct operations. So the makers of this application have also designed a good interface system with straightforward and friendly controls for you.

Photo Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in BatchPhoto Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in Batch


  • The application will give its users the ability to change the size of images quickly.
  • Ability to resize many different images for professional users or resize individually.
  • After resizing the image, the images will always be guaranteed to keep the full resolution and sharpness of the original image.
  • After completing the editing operations, users can quickly send images to other users via the direct sharing feature.
  • The user interface is designed to be very simple and friendly so that users can quickly get used to and use the best features.
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