Piano is a unique game that allows players to take the most basic piano training course. Each player will be equipped with a variety of instruments and try out many different songs of many genres.

App NamePiano
Latest Version1.71
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Piano guides the player through different pieces of music by providing a piano keyboard and visual cues. Each note will be generated when you touch or manipulate the touch screen. All activities are free, including lessons for you. In addition, the variety of sounds and your free choices in the game are also a plus point for players to enjoy this experience more. Now, you can play with enhanced performance, and everything runs smoother.

Piano – Music Keyboard & TilesPiano – Music Keyboard & Tiles


Offering a whole piano playing experience and controlling the keys to producing multiple notes, Piano is up to the task of helping players create great songs. We designed the keys to look like a real piano. Players zoom in and out of the screen to adjust their vision and see the keys make their way. The number of 88 different keys makes for the perfect soundtrack for a practice session or challenge yourself on a mission.

The scrolling feature of the keyboard allows the player to adjust the single or dual keyboard mode to improve the quality of the song with more notes. In addition, players have more options when experiencing more than 8 different musical instruments. This will be a perfect choice if you want to create a great concert. Instruments like Piano, Grand Piano, Pipe Organ, and many more are provided to improve your experience.


Players’ journey to experience the piano can go through different practice modes to help them form the best instrument playing skills. In addition to the available tracks, we’re also bringing in some fresher usage modes such as jazz, blues, and classical music—a whole new space with tracks of different sound quality, different tunes but created by you.

There are opportunities to win players when they can be more professional with the free challenge system. The game will give you tasks to conquer challenging tracks and complete them without making mistakes to receive great rewards. This process can be captured in a live recording right in the game. You will enjoy your work when the official track ends. The rewards will be new songs and instrument unlocks.

Piano – Music Keyboard & TilesPiano – Music Keyboard & Tiles


Piano relies on support from the content and form system to achieve its current success. Content related to entertainment with piano lessons attracts the attention of many players. Besides, the frequent changes in the layout arrangement, small folders, and many function keys have made the player experience more complete. Performance enhancements make the process simple. You’ve found the perfect game to practice your piano skills!


When creating music using the virtual keyboard, the Piano delivers a fantastic experience for the player to enjoy. The system guides players through a number of different courses on how to use the system, read the notes, and notice the changing cues as they progress. In addition, tasks are offered at the end of the course to give you the opportunity to put into practice what you have just learned.

Performances can be recorded immediately in-game using the in-game audio recorder, which you’ll be able to listen to again after the recording session is completed. Players will improve their skills at utilizing the piano and performing their favorite songs as a result of the game’s exciting activities and challenges.

Piano – Music Keyboard & Tiles


  • Develop content specifically related to your piano playing, providing lessons, challenges, and setting system requirements for speed when hitting notes.
  • Create new content for lessons of each level, discover new knowledge when starting to play piano, we help you become a professional player.
  • Build your piano track record as you take on challenges and score points. Completing the tasks assigned by the system will help you accumulate points through each game.
  • Add new, more exciting content; you also have more ways to get rewards. Good performance will be rewarded with new song updates and high difficulty challenges.
  • Explore more piano experiences by recording live with the system-provided tools and listening back after your training session is over.
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