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App NameProtake – Mobile Cinema Camera
PublisherBeijing Lingguang Zaixian Information Technology
Latest Version3.0.6
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Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera is known as a powerful tool to support the filming work of professional filmmakers. Not only that, if you are an everyday vlogger or even just a movie enthusiast who wants to capture exciting moments, we will not let you down. The features in this application are likened to special advanced tools from the most advanced camcorders to bring users impressive movies.

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera


Whoever you are can use Protake easily because everything here has been optimized. Specifically, if you are a vlogger who is not very knowledgeable about the camera’s parameters, the user of this system can choose the automatic mode. Everything has been automated to best suit your simple needs, as the name implies. The professional assistant has pre-set the interface that appears before your eyes, and your job is just to use it.

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera


In addition, we have not stopped there but also offer the most professional filmmakers a pro mode. This will be an empire that allows you to customize camera information and video recording parameters freely. They will appear directly on the adjustment screen; with just a touch of a button, the user can change the context, color, and brightness. All the features you crave are ready on the screen, waiting for you.

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera


A perfect film cannot miss the impressive color frequency ranges. Coming to this special world, you will encounter color arrays with the industry-standard – ALEXA Log C, not just the gamma curve system LOG. This makes it easy for colorists to use their color solution for ALEXA, not to mention the well-known benefit of outstanding dynamic range.

Not stopping there, Protake also gives users different extraordinary styles. Dozens of effects and tones just for you from a filmmaker or a vlogger don’t matter to us. You will surely be extremely satisfied when applying the styles that we have created. It can be the neutral style, the classic film emulation from Kodak, and the legendary Fuji that anyone wants to use once.

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera


Not only that, but Protake also provides monitoring tools that make it easy to adjust specific parameters related to the footage you’re shooting. Waveform graphs measuring image quality are fully displayed. Next to that is the RGB histogram that matches the frequencies of the colors that appear in real movies. In addition, the embedded sound meter is also an indispensable element when you join this family.

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera


Finally, how can you not mention the exposure support modes to meet the user’s image quality? Currently, we have a few features for you to choose from for your work, from Color Aberration, Exposure Compensation to Zebra range, and Auto Exposure. Not stopping there, you are also allowed by Protake to use the focus assist feature with two basic choices of Focus and Autofocus. Though everything is over, you can also record with beeps, flash, or keys for you to choose and apply.

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