Redsun RTS Premium APK will give players an exciting experience in the strategy game genre. Command a large army and fight the enemy to develop the country.

App Name Redsun RTS Premium
Publisher Digital Garbage
Genre Strategy
Size 36M
Latest Version 1.1.257
MOD Info Full Game
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Redsun RTS Premium is a unique strategy game that will bring players new experiences that cannot be found anywhere. The combat style inspires the game in the army, and the player will take the role of a heroic commander. Therefore, as a leader, your job is to develop intelligent ways and strategies to help the country develop more and more.

Redsun RTS Premium


Coming to Redsun RTS Premium, you will become the commander of a powerful army, and your mission is to develop your country. In order to promote development, a lot of resources are required, but currently, your country is scarce and lacks resources heavily. This problem will be easily solved only by resorting to war, but it is not easy either. A fertile land rich in resources has just been discovered, but it is in the hands of two different forces, and you must defeat both to get it.

Redsun RTS Premium

The two enemies you are about to face cannot be underestimated because they are the most notorious forces, and no one dares to cause trouble. On one side is Black Dawn, led by Spanish and Soviet mercenaries. On the other hand, Black Dawn is known as one of the most brutal, brutal forces, and they are always ready to declare war on anyone. You will have to plan your battle correctly to be able to defeat both of these forces and win easily.

Redsun RTS Premium


The only thing that helps you and your whole army resist the enemy’s powerful attacks is the base. With just a few shots, your towers and main base can collapse in a flash, so strict protection is required. First, try to build as many strong bases as possible to preserve your resources. When you attack any of the two forces, the other force will not be able to attack you for a short period.

Way to win, you must create a powerful force with enough modern equipment and weapons for combat. In addition, to be able to build a base, you must have resources such as gold, iron, or metal. When you first start Redsun RTS Premium, you will be provided with a small amount of money to buy necessary things.

Redsun RTS Premium


  • The game is designed in the strategy game genre so that players can experience the battles on the sand table as extremely attractive.
  • The plot that the game creates will be associated with the task of developing his country, and a powerful combat army system is created.
  • Confront powerful war opponents from the top countries with a top dangerous military force.
  • The battles will be created that require the player to become the best strategist to win against the opponents.
  • The game’s graphics are designed with special details to maximize the support for players who can use their strategic abilities.
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