Rise of Cultures allows players to build buildings to store items and develop the elite army. You will earn money from fighting or trading goods with other countries.

App Name Rise of Cultures
Publisher InnoGames GmbH
Genre Strategy
Size 351M
Latest Version 1.51.3
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Rise of Cultures completes the management experience and gives players a whole new game. You are free to build buildings, develop your army, and exist independently as a real kingdom. The skirmishes with other countries help you get more coins, territories, and a few winners’ perks. Everything that is happening in this exciting action series will directly affect the functioning of the kingdom, and you should develop a long-term development plan.

Rise of Cultures


To meet the needs of players for the content experienced in Rise of Cultures, the system has continuously upgraded and released interesting, updated versions. You can now hide constructions by hiding them, and several tools are developed that allow you to do that. Every week, the treasure hunt event of an Alliance group is opened to recruit more members. You can both experience and leave a review when the system can record your opinion at any time.


Starting with a small piece of land on interconnected oases, Rise of Cultures asks you to build an empire. Players will get the necessary hints to create, and you are free to design them. Targeted civilization will bring your style to re-experience the incredibly realistic historical story. The architectural works to be built include ordinary buildings for a living, smaller buildings for production development, and a warehouse to gather troops. All are geared towards the kingdom’s prosperity, ensuring there is enough supply to grow and fight in the long run.

The work of expanding the territory always makes you difficult. The built army will receive two main tasks: protection and combat. Players will have to organize the most closely guarded waves to ensure that unexpected enemy attacks do not damage your buildings. For combat missions, you will lead them to battle with other kingdoms. You get many rewards when you win.

Rise of Cultures


In addition to building buildings to develop products and mighty armies, Rise of Cultures also needs areas dedicated to researching new types of items. Players will have to continue writing historical events in a kingdom with an ancient culture. To progress faster, scientists need to work at total capacity. The research team members will give you many suggestions to bring products to produce and sell widely. You will get more coins for special orders.

Studying the advantages of plots was also an essential step in building prosperity for the kingdom. Players get more specific plans for the subsequent development steps. The new task is to create programs and complete them to receive recent achievements. Expansion of territory has never been complex. In addition, to strengthen long-term relationships, you should have good companions or neighbors.

Rise of Cultures


Rise of Cultures allows players to experience the life of the manager of all the kingdom’s affairs. Hundreds of items are produced every day to help you earn extra income. New buildings were erected, large structures replaced old buildings. Many skirmishes bring you profit. Players can profit and develop the kingdom with any activity. Make everything under your control, and your achievements become the tools for the domain to prosper.

Rise of Cultures


  • Constantly updated versions are released with unique features. Players have more experience and can explore the story of the kingdom deeply.
  • The story of expanding and developing the kingdom is always a complex problem for you. All participants in this prosperity-building campaign must ensure the conditions.
  • Collect items and research to develop them for your kingdom, export more goods to build a trading empire, you will collect more coins.
  • Expand your territory with intense early skirmishes; when you win, you have more opportunities to expand your land and start building more famous buildings.
  • Develop an elite army to use in wars. You must defend well not to lose any land, attack well to gain more ground and develop into the most prosperous empire.
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