Rise of Kingdoms allows you to build yourself a powerful civilization with famous generals in history. Diverse troop types help you form a powerful team with the right generals you can recruit and upgrade.

App Name Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
Publisher LilithGames
Genre Strategy
Size 1.09 GB
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Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game where you will build a civilization against mighty armies on your own. You will choose real historical civilizations and powerful generals to participate in different battles. At the same time, with powerful army types, you will develop an army on your own to conduct conquest.


When you experience Rise of Kingdoms, the player will be transported to a village already inhabited by people. Of course, you will spend time making this civilization grow by collecting in-game resources and constructing new buildings. You will unlock many buildings at each level and help your civilization become iconic. So you will spend time doing basic tasks in the early game stages of this game.

There will be resources like food, wood, and many other elements, and you can build specialized buildings for these resources to collect them over time. After a while, you will have access to some military-oriented buildings as you can unlock infantry, archers, and cavalry at your will. From there, you will begin to participate in battles against the enemies inside this game to complete the game’s mission.


When you start Rise of Kingdoms, you will find civilizations corresponding to its characteristic generals. Therefore, you will take the time to consider the choice of civilization you want to use through the information you have read. You will open these characters through a chest with high quality. It can also be seen as a way for you to unlock future alliances and form a strong army.

An interesting but equally complicated point in using these parallels is that they possess a unique skill and talent. Each of these skills will be improved throughout the game to best support your army, so some generals are suitable for a type of army. At the same time, the complexity point also appears in their talents system similar to a skill tree, and you certainly won’t be able to upgrade all the talents in it.


Players will overcome different battles in the Rise of Kingdoms and will have the appearance of the generals they own. From there, you will know why owning a solid and compatible general is an advantage. At the same time, the combat mechanism in this game is automatic combat, so those who are well prepared for tactics will often have a chance to win. That also comes from the type of army you choose.

Each army will always grow, which you can see when accessing the building to train them. So, besides preparing a powerful force, you also need to refer to which generals are suitable for the army you have and match the style you want to aim for.

A piece of land with a lot of development potential ultimately attracts players because:

  • The player will be the one to develop many aspects related to civilization and participate in battles against the enemy.
  • The type of troops you can train will increase, and their strength will grow depending on your civilization.
  • The generals of history will once again side with you in tough battles and give your troops an advantage.
  • You can summon many generals by opening the chest, and each has a complex talent system and unique skills.
  • With generals and troops, you will be able to create a powerful army that suits your playstyle.
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