Rise Of The Defenders Mod APK develops war between kingdoms, where rage is resolved by force. Players form their army of defenders and train them for the upcoming battle.

  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Gems & Gold Injection

Info : Toggle on “Gems & Gold Injection” and Open Inventory , it will add 100 k Gems and Golds each time you open and close it.

App Name Rise Of The Defenders
Publisher Apero Game Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 123M
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Rise Of The Defenders improves upon several features to make the multiplayer combat content one of the most sought-after fun. In order for players to experience the best battles, the system has designed a special battlefield. You will control a group of troops on fortresses, defeating enemies with bombs or stone machines. The chaotic world continues for hundreds of levels. Be the commander who holds the power of this land!

Rise Of The Defenders: Idle TD


A series of challenges arranged by increasing difficulty in Rise Of The Defenders are ready for you to experience. When a series of rebellions become challenging to control, you will take down the rebel armies. First, from the lowest level, the player has time to recruit more soldiers or equip power machines. The first waves of over 100 levels have low impact. However, the difficulty will be increased, and more powerful monsters will appear in the next fight.


The towers that will be built are all linked with each other and are closely protected by you. Rise Of The Defenders allows players to build 4 towers with separate names and functions. Mage, Barrack, Archer, and Dragon are the four towers mentioned. At the top of each tower, the player will begin to build a defense system. Special designs allow the player to install quite a few machines and weapons. They are mostly bombs or stone machines to stop the opponent.

Rise Of The Defenders: Idle TD


It’s time for the mighty gods to show their abilities in Rise Of The Defenders. Andrius, Evelyn, Galidus, Florence, or Eidra will be recruited for suitable positions. Many machines protect the hero’s surroundings, but they will not work if destroyed by monsters. That’s why you spend more money on upgrading your hero’s power. Distance is also an important trait that can affect the outcome of a fight. While monsters make their way to the tower, stop them!


Rise Of The Defenders will be the place for you to show your strength by protecting the towers from the attack of hundreds of armies. Every tower is in your sight; to be able to create the most glorious victories, you will need the help of strength. Selected heroes and machines will be used and fully exploited the ability to attack or defend. Your bonus money is used for payouts to start a new machine or upgrade a hero.

Rise Of The Defenders: Idle TD


  • Unleash your ability to fight in a series of battles spanning multiple levels, and upgrade weapons to unleash your abilities.
  • Complete your four-tower defense missions, develop a tower defense formation, attack or defend to the highest efficiency.
  • Improve the outcome of the match by owning more machines, and some powerful heroes can also help you.
  • In this battle, players are faced with hundreds of levels and powerful enemies capable of defeating even heroes.
  • Experience the game’s great features, enhanced ability to build specific battle plans, and flexible manual controls.
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