Rock Idol Story Game Otome lets you experience a celebrity love story; you have to choose the person you like the most to start dating. Players will experience all emotions in love, from joy and happiness to suffering and sadness. Draw a beautiful love story between the two of you with great memories and remember, you’re dating a celebrity, so beware of scandals.

  • Free Premium Choice (Activate from mod menu)
  • Collect daily rewards as much as you want (activate from mod menu, then deactivate and then activate again) if it doesnt work then deactivate and restart the game and activate when game is loading to be able to collect again)
App NameRock Idol Story Game Otome
PublisherLovage Romance Story Games
Latest Version1.0.2
MOD InfoFree Premium Choice
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Surely everyone has dreamed of having a beautiful love with a celebrity, so don’t dream now, but let Rock Idol Story Game Otome immerse yourself in passionate love with the person you have secretly liked for a long time. Lost in the game, you will be in a completely different world, a world filled with the pink color of love. The game will make players feel happier and feel all the emotions of love with lots of special events.


This is a game that immerses you in love. You will have a love relationship with a celebrity you have longed for; choose for yourself a wonderful object to enjoy this sweet love together. In love, we will have a lot of emotions, joy, touching, pain, and precious moments you will all feel with this game.


In addition to being immersed in love, the game also has special situations for love stories with celebrities. You are the lover of the stars; you cannot avoid being followed by gossip journalists. Your love journey will be arduous, making your love life more enjoyable. Let’s hold hands with your lover through all the special events in each other’s lives, which will be great memories when participating in the game.

Rock Idol Story Game Otome is an exciting game about love that all of us should experience. You will become the lover of a famous person whom you have secretly loved for a long time. Players can go through a lot of emotions with their loved ones, from happiness to pain, which you will all have to experience.


  • Players will be involved in an exciting love game with celebrity love affairs.
  • There are many famous people; choose a great person to immerse yourself in an exciting love affair.
  • Players will experience a lot of emotions, joy, happiness, pain, and sadness you all have to feel.
  • Celebrity love is very complicated. There are many journalists as well as many people interested in you.
  • Let’s together with the one you love to draw a beautiful story of two people; these will be wonderful memories that you will never forget.
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