ROME: Total War is a strategy game where players aim to become emperor in Rome. You will be the one to develop the lands you occupy and choose the appropriate attack strategy.

App Name ROME: Total War
Publisher Feral Interactive
Genre Strategy
Size 2.81 GB
Latest Version 1.10.9RC7
MOD Info Full Game
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ROME: Total War offers exciting tactical experiences as players perform many different roles to become an emperor. You will appear in a Roman family with many members and specific characteristics. At the same time, you can use the army to occupy the lands you want and manage them to collect a certain amount of tax money.

ROME: Total War


In ROME: Total War, players will appear in a Roman country and have a completely understandable goal of becoming emperor. But this job will take a lot of time and require players to conquer many different strongholds with the army and rule them in the best way possible. It’s easier to spend time on your restoration when you complete various tasks at once.

You will quickly see the map of the lands you have conquered with the distinctive flag and easily recognizable green color. You can also get to know the factions that you will face and begin dealing with the factors related to the war with them. At the same time, the number of characters that appear is also completely diverse and will help you achieve your goal. Surely there will be many exciting things that you can find.

ROME: Total War


At the beginning of the level of ROME: Total War, the player will be able to see a general map, and you will be the one to decide how these characters move. Players will make their moves in a turn-based mechanism to capture what happens in the place you are about to conquer. Also, after that, if you wish to attack the enemy, you will send suitable characters and troops to appear nearby.

After being conquered, each location gives you a certain amount of tax revenue that you can use for many different purposes. These cities can become positive or negative when bringing in or spending taxes depending on how you govern. Players can build or upgrade certain buildings to meet the needs of the people and receive certain benefits.

The player will be a member of a Roman family, and this family has different members introduced in a family tree. Players will learn the characteristics of these characters and decide their role in their conquest. Specifically, different characteristics will be displayed when you read the information that will help you to know if they are good at fighting or managing. Certainly, each move requires a certain amount of care.

ROME: Total War


Besides the moves on the large map of ROME: Total War, players will also have to experience a 3D battle when they control a specific army. Each campaign has its own set of different requirements, and most will be to destroy the enemy in front of you through the army you have. At the same time, all fights will be done automatically, so tactics and moves will be the tasks that players will need to do.

An army will usually have many different types of troops that you will need to carefully observe and decide where it will position during the advance. At the same time, you can also apply your experience with these types of troops when placing them in formations to quickly destroy the enemy. You will be hard-pressed to take your eyes off because you have to constantly move different troops to change tactics and create an advantage against the enemies you encounter.

ROME: Total War

Players will be able to find a variety of exciting experiences while playing the game:

  • The player will be a member of a Roman family and try to become an emperor after conquering various lands.
  • At the beginning of the conquest, the players will need to observe the large map and move the characters.
  • When the battle begins, you will take advantage of the army and tactical characteristics to destroy the troops in that land.
  • Each family member has specific characteristics that you can exploit as they are helpful in different jobs.
  • Players will be able to capture a place, force them to pay their taxes and maintain stability in various ways.
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