Rush Royale will let you come to the big battle where you will be randomly selected heroes. The remarkable thing is that players will be randomly dialed and battle chosen heroes.

App Name Rush Royale
Publisher B.V.
Genre Strategy
Size 213M
Latest Version 18.1.55435
MOD Info Free Rewards
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Have you ever played games with random hero selection? Come to Rush Royale right away; you will understand the fun and the attraction that comes with it. This unique strategy game will help you choose your own lucky numbers. You will then be able to choose any spin immediately, and a series of heroes will appear. Many heroes appear in the game this time, and you can choose depending on the level you have achieved.


The game will not have a fixed hero for you to choose from but will allow you to choose randomly. This selection will depend on each spin taking place in Rush Royale, and you must know that too. Players need to get a lucky lottery ticket to have the opportunity to participate in these battles. First, you need to participate in unique challenges to find the lucky spins. These spins will help you get powerful heroes.

After the challenge is given, you need to show your ability as well as your true ability. More specifically, players need to show their strength to solve challenges quickly. The number given will correspond to all those so-called lucky spins. You will proceed to shoot and select heroes with the ability to help you carry out this fight. The war is still there and let’s fight together.

Rush Royale – Tower Defense TD Rush Royale – Tower Defense TD


Players will face great opponents, and they are also the enemies that we need to destroy. Players need to install heroes in different positions and, of course, ensure the battle’s progress. More specifically, players must choose for themselves the bravest warriors and all the accompanying weapons to create a great war. It would help if you also came up with reasonable strategies to be able to fight the strongest.

The first is that the opponents will go in a fixed circle, and we have to put the heroes in a central position for easy rotation. Use a set of rotating weapons so that the barrel is always tilted towards the enemy. The interesting point is that we need to destroy them when they first appear to prevent them from attacking our side. Players also need to command a large army to the essential positions to support.


Players need to make a definitive and powerful upgrade to give our warriors an extra undying spirit. Players also need to show their true ability, adding heroes to different positions. If our opponent is relatively strong, let’s immediately use the timely support that Rush Royale provides to continue this great battle.

Through this, Rush Royale seems to make players feel excited and always want to burn to the fullest. Mysterious battles, exciting adventures, and even hot moments are fully reproduced in the game. Be a strong hero who can choose the heroes to fight. Dial numbers and choose heroes with strength that is the advantage that we need to hold in this game.

Rush Royale – Tower Defense TD Rush Royale – Tower Defense TD Rush Royale – Tower Defense TD


  • You can choose a random number yourself and hit any heroes in this battle.
  • Use these heroes to install in key positions to shoot all enemies.
  • Adjust the gun concentration to better match the shooting ability as well as the ability to rotate when meeting the enemies of the heroes.
  • Join the challenge to be able to find yourself many impressive spins to collect more heroes.
  • Defend the strong kingdom and build a reserve army to stand guard closely.
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