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School Days is a life simulation game with unique and humorous content to entertain players with hidden potential in gameplay. The impressive thing from the player’s world or surroundings is that all students are prisoners. The state applies a new mechanism in rebuilding prisons and prisoners into a school environment. That makes things more dangerous when every day of the player has many hidden surprises.

School Days


The first element of School Days is that everything happens in real-time, and players need to make the most of every moment in school. Depending on how they use their time, the character will have a lot of development or create many interesting situations in the classroom. In addition, the player needs to meet all the basic criteria, such as sleeping, eating, studying, and more, similar to a student and must complete everything with flying colors.

School Days


The uniqueness of the game’s environment and concept makes the player’s goal constantly change, as they have to become one of the most notorious students in the school. However, they need to complete many tasks, interactions, assignments, and many other things normally found in a regular school. Based on their achievements over time, their progress and popularity will spread and unlock more hidden content in the gameplay.

School Days


Besides the world’s strangeness, everything around the players in School Days is highly interactive for them to research or build many plans. Every ability or item created by the player also has a specific use, allowing them to prank others or build many bad achievements. Not stopping there, but the variety of objects around the player will make the gameplay more vibrant and exciting than ever, thanks to their versatility.


Because the environment is all about prisoners in disguise, players will inevitably fight inside and outside the school. Because of that, they need to fight back, be a bully or be bullied for the rest of their student life in this dangerous school, and build their reputation. Based on their development, players can also improve their combat performance or learn new skills to deal with more difficult enemies.

School Days


If the player wants to survive in this school, they need to make friends or expand relationships for long-term benefits. Therefore, School Days will have a rich interaction between each character, and players can exploit more information or build friendships. In the future, when players have fights with each other, their friends will appear and together create massive battles with absolute excitement and chaos.

School Days


During their free time, players can take a walk around the school and explore the classrooms available in the school. Each place has its characteristics for the player to exploit, even finding the necessary items to craft or making their targets miserable and regretful. More unique things will gradually open up as the player continuously walks around the school to diversify their actions and interactions with everything.

School Days is a remarkable simulation game with endless depth for players to exploit while building a bad reputation and making themselves respected in a school for prisoners. A variety of unique content will unlock based on the player’s progress, giving them more creative ideas to develop a student life in their way.

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