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App NameSensuality: taboo love stories
PublisherSensuality Games
Latest Version0.51
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Sensuality is a game where players will enter an awe-inspiring story world with problems they need to solve. It gathers several stories with different contents for your convenience in choosing. At the same time, each story offers different experiences and challenges that you will need to overcome. So you will not be able to take your eyes off what this game has to offer.

Sensuality (exciting novellas)Sensuality (exciting novellas)


When you start Sensuality, you’ll be entered into a dramatic story world where you’ll meet characters with different looks. One of them will impress you, and you can’t take your eyes off the world this game brings. At the same time, besides the beautiful images, you also find information related to the plot for you to read. From there, you will gradually learn the story and try to develop it as your wish.

The primary experience when you experience this game is reading the information related to the game’s plot. It will gradually reveal to you the problems you will need to solve. At the same time, any player will feel interested in what he reads because it is information and characters that appear with it. Therefore, you will quickly grasp the information related to the story you are reading.

Sensuality (exciting novellas)Sensuality (exciting novellas)


Users will find several different stories in Sensuality, and each story is set in a completely different context. The story limitation is entirely understandable since this is an early access version. But from time to time, there will be new chapters of the stories you find in the game. There’s nothing better than reading new chapters that have just been updated after a long wait.

Because the stories are set in different contexts, their content is also completely different. So you will choose the storyline that you love to experience first. You will be able to transform into a character who is being chased and fortunately meets a character who owns a pair of white wings. In addition, the story of a favorite character is also waiting for you to experience; the goal of this character is to be recognized by experts in terms of ability.

Sensuality (exciting novellas)Sensuality (exciting novellas)


Once you’ve completed a story in Sensuality, you’ll begin your journey in the game. You will see the information gradually appear, and of course, the content is essential that you should not ignore too quickly. Also, there will be some problems that arise from time to time, and they will appear from the early stages of the game. So your job is quite simply to think about the situation and make choices that you think are reasonable.

These problems often appear in questions, and they are always related to previous stories. So, besides your wishes, you also need to know what situation you are in. After a successful selection, you will continue to read new information and face new problems. Each choice will bring you different experiences, and it is also the characteristic of this game genre. Players will decide their progress and path in the game.

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