sFilter Mod APK is a good application for your eye protection; users apply them and connect to the device’s controller to reduce the effects of blue light and adjust the screen from a set of 18 different colors.

App NamesFilter
PublisherSiso Mobile
GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Version2.2.1
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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sFilter resets the screen light mode on all connected devices to protect your eyes from light effects. When you use electronic devices, some harmful light rays will appear, incredibly blue light. We are here to filter out the light, preventing its effect on your eyes. Users are also provided with new options when referring to the changing palette of 18 different colors provided by the system.

sFilter – Blue Light FiltersFilter – Blue Light Filter


Changes in updated versions of sFilter always bring great user experiences. The fixes quickly gained user support as they improved most of the mistakes made and changed performance. In addition, at the present time, the application has applied filters to the status bar and navigation bar. The results, when applied, are incredibly positive. If you have language difficulties, don’t worry, we have added more languages ​​to make connecting easy. More colors for the new version; stay tuned for them!


The process of using your electronic device encounters many obstacles when blue light causes eye fatigue. sFilter appeared to solve eye problems. Users apply on-page adjustments to adjust screen light, filter out blue light, and replace them with one of the 18 colors provided. Users can easily adjust other content such as Opacity, create shortcuts, and animate the widget function to support their actions. All functions are available for use.

sFilter – Blue Light FiltersFilter – Blue Light Filter


The application becomes the perfect choice when it does not have any effect on other content on the device. sFilter does not use additional device memory and battery, which helps users reduce costs and energy for dimming operations. In addition, low battery consumption is also a plus point for the application as users want to exploit more resources on their devices. We minimize the risk of affecting your sleep and vision.


sFilter reduces the risk of eye disease or the possibility of eye damage caused by the effects of blue light from electronic devices. The positive changes we bring will make the user experience better. You can connect the application to your device’s controller to quickly filter the light, replace the color you want, and get the best space for healthy eyes. We have commitments when not consuming too much power and not affecting the operation of the device.

sFilter – Blue Light FiltersFilter – Blue Light Filter


  • Develop an application that filters light, obstructs blue light activity, and protects your eyes when using electronic devices.
  • Complete the version by changes and continuous updates during the time users use and evaluate the application.
  • The light filtering feature focuses on blue light and how it affects your eyes, changing colors to your liking.
  • Add many other functions while not consuming too much power and not hindering the operation of other applications on the device.
  • Adjust the brightness, make sure you get the most suitable experience to use the phone for many hours without impact.
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