Shogun’s Empire: Hex Commander Mod APK is a tactical game played in turn-based fashion that has gameplay techniques with several layers.

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Rice
3. Unlimited Honors
4. Unlocked All clans on the map

App Name Shoguns Empire: Hex Commander
Publisher Home Net Games
Genre Strategy
Size 76M
Latest Version 1.9.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Rice/Unlocked
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Shogun’s Empire is a new generation strategy game that adopts innovative concepts or styles and incites players to enjoy a new variation of this exciting genre. It also uses the context of ancient Japan, when war was raging everywhere in this beautiful land. Because of that, the strategy element of its gameplay has endless potential for players to exploit and build a powerful empire with outstanding talents.

Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander


The most prominent feature in Shogun’s Empire is the strategy style that uses hexagon-shaped maps to develop tactics and frontlines. Also, the surprise is the walls and architecture built along with the line grid hexagon represent a superior but delicate and full of interaction. Moreover, military units and more will move or act according to the rules of hexagon, making the game completely different from the usual strategy genre.

Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander


The player’s career as a Shogun in this game will be filled with complex challenges, but they will begin with conquering strategically essential locations. An extensive map based on regions of families, nations, and powers from ancient Japan will reveal all the paths and detailed development. Depending on the style of strategy implementation, players can start with each separate location, thereby creating a lot of bad influence on enemies from nearby areas.

Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander


Besides taking advantage of the map for offensive, Shogun’s Empire will have epic and exciting battles in each location. It applies a large-scale tactical style, so the player’s control of each unit in the turn-based mechanism will significantly influence the outcome of the battle. Previously, they could arrange armies with fully customizable units to prepare for battle or perform various other actions with the enemy.

Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander


The variety of military units will give players many tactical benefits as they can utilize or create many new combat styles based on their skills and abilities. Every unit is also helpful and can support other units completely, helping to improve the combat performance of the entire army. However, in each turn, the player can only perform a maximum of two actions: move and attack if possible.


The process of conquering new areas of Shogun’s Empire will have many consequences and positive results in army management. Based on the number of areas they successfully occupied, food and resources will significantly increase, even periodically produced for the player to upgrade or develop their army. They can also invest food or funds in essential areas, deploying troops in key positions to defend the empire.

Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander


Tasks and quests are also seen as the primary source of daily income for the player and an opportunity to collect or upgrade critical units. The system’s content is diverse and rich, often requiring players to destroy a certain number of enemies to receive potential rewards. In addition to the daily rewards, achievements are also important milestones to enhance their development passively.

Shogun’s Empire stands out for its turn-based hexagon strategy style, which opens up new possibilities for every player on large-scale battlefields. That gameplay also wants the player to have a comprehensive view of their army, and at the same time, make the most of every ability or performance of the combat units for the best result.

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