Simple Sandbox 2: Middle Ages will bring players to a Minecraft-like world where they can create what they like. Unleash your creativity through beautiful products and compete against other players.

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App NameSimple Sandbox 2: Middle Ages
Latest Version0.9.0
MOD InfoGod Mode, Anti Kick
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Simple Sandbox 2: Middle Ages will be a perfect choice for those who are longtime fans of the best famous game in the world, Minecraft. There is no difference in terms of gameplay and graphics, but there will be more exciting features for you to experience. Instead of just building buildings from available materials, you can also participate in matches with other players worldwide.

Simple Sandbox 2 : Middle Ages


Simple Sandbox 2: Middle Ages will let you freely express your creativity through the freedom to build wonderful works with just a few simple ingredients. Who doesn’t have their dream home, and this is the chance for everyone to make it happen. Although it is impossible to satisfy the desire in real life, it is satisfying enough to see the finished product you created in the game.

When you first start the game, you will notice that the main screen displays two different game modes, single and multiplayer, to choose from. You will be taken to an ample space like your own world with either model. Here, you will control the character to move around and choose the materials to build anything you want. Depending on how far your imagination goes, it can be a house, a palace, or a towering building.

Simple Sandbox 2 : Middle Ages


With single-mode, there will be only you in such a vast space, and it will be pretty boring, so you should experience multiplayer mode. There will be various playrooms, and each room is limited to 10 people, so act fast for your chance to join. Once you have entered the desired room, you will see a few other players also building their buildings.

Playing with many people will help you feel more excited and also allow you to test your design skills and make them admire. Sometimes it’s about learning from other pro players to be able to create even more stunning products yourself. You can also use weapons like knives, bows, or swords to attack them, and although it doesn’t get any rewards, it feels entertaining.

Simple Sandbox 2 : Middle Ages


  • Enter the game built in the style of Minecraft but get exciting innovations.
  • Start with your unique projects with significant constructions built with many different materials.
  • Two different game modes will be opened, and players can choose according to their gaming preferences.
  • The most prominent new feature is that players can participate in matches with other players on the battlefield.
  • The game’s graphics are designed in a highly classic 8-bit style, familiar, and received a lot of love.
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