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Create airplanes with your own design when participating in SimplePlanes – Flight Simulator. The game allows participants to experience aircraft design and constantly provides knowledge about aircraft for players. With a beautiful and detailed graphics system, participants will have to admire and be surprised at the height of the planes appearing in the game. Design each part and link them together to create a masterpiece aircraft named after the player.

SimplePlanes – Flight Simulator


With the diversity of millions of games appearing on the market today, perhaps SimplePlanes is a prominent name that brings new opportunities to participants. Therefore, what is that chance? Many people wonder if it is difficult to create a complete aircraft and what stages will it include? The game will answer questions related to aircraft construction for players’ reference. When participating in the game, the player will receive the task of designing and completing his aircraft model. Make sure that the model is efficient and flexible. The mission that the game offers is also an opportunity for them to discover their own talents. Maybe the player has the ability to build a hidden plane. Players will be participating will be creating new generation aircraft extremely modern and quality.

SimplePlanes – Flight Simulator



Similar to reality, airplanes serve many needs in life. The great effect of the plane players is easy to see, and everyone knows that the need of the majority of people is to use the plane’s utility. That is why SimplePlanes allows participants to own and create various aircraft to serve today’s diverse needs. Players can create aircraft for daily life or aircraft for military and diplomatic purposes. Each type of aircraft requires different technical parameters, so players will know how to use the appropriate parts corresponding to their intended use. Players need to have the analysis of weight and thrust to create an aircraft that serves the needs of the user well.

SimplePlanes – Flight Simulator


Just like any other item on the market, airplanes come in a wide variety of models. SimplePlanes participants will be surprised to see modern and beautiful planes as they go through missions in the game. The game system will provide specialized equipment to serve the creative needs of participants. Corresponding to each type of aircraft will be associated with each appropriate detail. For example, aircraft for military purposes will be different from those for civilian use. The differences will be expressed through the design, weight, and details used in the aircraft’s engine. Players will be free to create and receive suggestions from the publisher. If there are inappropriate player-selected details, the system will issue warnings. When participants build beautiful and quality aircraft, they will receive correspondingly high cumulative points.

SimplePlanes – Flight Simulator


The great thing that the publisher brings to players is to allow players to create their own ideas to design aircraft. Not stopping there, players can also control their own unique plane on trips to learn new lands. The perfect combination of devices is a huge task that players need to perform. Product quality or not will depend on the bold ideas of the player. So what will players do when they have no experience in controlling aircraft? The game system will give precise hints and instructions so that players can control the plane they invented easily. With just simple touches, the player can control the flight at an arbitrary speed, brake at the right time, surpassing other aircraft. In particular, the player can still control the plane to continue flying even though the player’s product has lost 1 wing, and the player will still be safe on that flight.

Never stop trying your hand at creating unique planes when participating in a playground called SimplePlanes. Players will be able to promote their imagination to create the most unique and strange aircraft products. Using vehicles created by yourself to travel on new lands is the great thing that the game brings. Participating in the game, players are also provided with useful knowledge related to aircraft design and control.

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