SkyFolio will be the tool of modernity; users can choose to show images or view photos in a new way. The application is increasingly being upgraded and continuously updated to serve modern users.

App NameSkyFolio
PublisherSnapwood Photo and Slideshow Apps
Latest Version3.8.11
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
Get it OnGoogle Play

SkyFolio will be the tool you are looking for because of its modernity and special effects. This application allows us to view photos in the photo library comfortably in many different formats. Especially, users will see a modern slideshow feature right in this application. Moreover, the application will also shorten the posting time and add many new features that better suit the needs of each person.

SkyFolio – OneDrive Photos and SlideshowsSkyFolio – OneDrive Photos and Slideshows


The application specializes in photography, so you can easily see the features closely related to the image. Users can see the presentation of the image library is also very diverse and rich. You can instantly choose a feature like a grid to make your gallery more unique than ever. You can also see them in albums, scrolls, or new themes.


Users will see the uniqueness of the image slideshow. More specifically, you can use the projection feature when there is no Internet or in areas where there is no signal. You will select a series of images or possibly albums and perform a slide show button selection. Immediately the images can be displayed normally or created to create an impression on the viewer.


The application places a strong emphasis on the quality and resolution of the images in this. Users can change the quality to better suit their goals; maybe you choose low quality for regular images and high quality for unique photos. Users will edit themselves to fit each photo.

SkyFolio – OneDrive Photos and SlideshowsSkyFolio – OneDrive Photos and Slideshows


The application has a unique feature, the ability to transfer albums easily. Users just need to choose any album, as many photos as they can, and immediately select the device they want to transfer. After a short time, you can see that the application has completed the conversion and always keeps the order of the photos in the album.


You can use the application to connect with other devices to serve your needs and purposes. You can use two or three different devices at the same time and stay connected without interruption during the pairing process. Also, if you share images, those connected devices will receive them within a certain period of time. And the quality of the image remains unchanged from the original.


The application has a special transmission ability to make the user feel more enjoyable. The application helps you connect to the TV to transfer images to it. More specifically, you can also put images on top of social networking sites like Gmail without losing their special features. You can also upload it yourself, without the need for the Internet or any converters.

SkyFolio – OneDrive Photos and SlideshowsSkyFolio – OneDrive Photos and Slideshows


The application is more secure and efficient than other applications. A special feature is that you can choose by yourself a different type of security such as fingerprint sensor, lock code, or even other unique forms.


  • The application specializes in modern photography, so the photo library is always a place that contains a lot of unique and accompanying art.
  • You can choose one of the modern photo slideshows that the application has provided for you.
  • Can easily move or transfer albums from one device to another easily without using the Internet.
  • Always allows us to change the image quality in the album to keep it safer.
  • Security key is always focused in this application, so that information and images are not leaked.
  • Can select one time a series of images and upload without taking too much of your time.
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