Soul of Yokai Mod APK is an otome game where you can enter the world of Yokai and meet three men of three different races. You will choose paths to develop feelings for your favorite character.

App NameSoul of Yokai
PublisherGenius Inc
Latest Version3.0.26
MOD InfoPremium Choices, Free Rewards
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Soul of Yokai takes players to an impressive world of Yokai, where they meet three boys of different races. Players will be able to learn the problems of these three boys and develop the relationship they desire to reach their respective endings. At the same time, each character possesses an attractive appearance and diverse choices that will give players many challenges when choosing.

Soul of Yokai: Otome Game


The story of Soul of Yokai revolves around a female character who has her own business but is unsuccessful in love. She just broke up with her love interest, and since then, her heart has been completely broken. But one day, she meets characters whose true identity is the Yokai of Japanese legend, and she has the opportunity to step into a whole new world with the challenges and paths that she takes.

She meets three characters from three different Yokai clans, including Oni, Yukiotoko, and Tengu, and they all have impressive looks. At the same time, similar to other otome games, the player will be forced to develop feelings for one of the characters, and of course, the player will be caught up in a dilemma. All three Yokai characters have proposed to marry the female character, and it is up to you to decide which path is best for her.


The first experience that players find in Soul of Yokai is that the stories are exciting and thoroughly engaging. The characters you meet all have human appearances, and you will be able to interact with them to get more information respectively. At the same time, anyone will be impressed when they appear as real Yokai, and of course, their appearance will be able to impress the players. From there, the player will have a decision to develop the corresponding relationship.

Soul of Yokai: Otome GameSoul of Yokai: Otome Game

One of the exciting features of the otome game genre is the choices players will need to make. It will be what determines the development of the story that the player needs to pay attention to, and of course, the player will need to be careful in the selection process and read the details carefully. At the same time, this game will also require players to experience it repeatedly because the game divides the options into normal and premium.

The normal and premium options differ in the number of resources the player must spend to be able to tap. So, in some cases, the player will not be eligible to choose so that the story can take a completely different direction. In addition, players will also be curious about options that they have not been able to decide before, and from there, they will experience this game again and again. It is a common feature of otome games.

Soul of Yokai: Otome GameSoul of Yokai: Otome Game


As mentioned above, players will meet Yokai characters in Soul of Yokai, and of course, they all have completely different personalities. Hayato belongs to the Oni race, half-human, so he always has conflicts over his half-bloodline. As for Yukio of the Yukiotoko clan, he possesses an impressive appearance that can attract the player at the first meeting. Karasu of the Tengu clan used to have good relations with humans and was conflicted about his feelings for you.

The three characters each have different personalities and issues that the player will spend time exploring. They won’t be able to explore these stories in a single playthrough, and the three characters will form three different paths you need to take. At the same time, anyone will be curious about their respective endings with the heroine, and of course, it will be an incredible journey that any player cannot ignore.

The player will travel to the world of the Yokai:

  • The heroine has a job as a businessman but fails in love and then meets three characters of different Yokai races.
  • You will learn the stories related to these three male characters, and of course, you will be impressed when you see the proper appearance of each.
  • The player’s choices include basic and premium, so that each choice will lead you to different story paths.
  • Each character has their story and problems, and you will be the one to decide which path you want to go and find a corresponding ending.
  • The story and paths in this game are diverse and make players curious, and surely they will not be able to experience the game at one time.
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