South Park: Phone Destroyer is a whole new experience of a real-time strategy game as players compete with friends or strangers through exotic and fascinating gameplay featuring the South Park series and its characters.

App Name South Park: Phone Destroyer
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre Strategy
Size 79M
Latest Version 5.3.4
MOD Info God Mode, Free MP
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South Park: Phone Destroyer brings people new adventures and discoveries to the popular South Park series but in a strategy action game. The best part is that the iconic characters of the series will come to the game as the main combat units. More content will also be included, promising to bring the best experience to the real-time strategy genre.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™


The most prominent feature of the South Park series is its sense of humor and develops its plot ridiculously to please viewers. The same will apply in South Park: Phone Destroyer™, where people challenge each other over real-time strategy elements. All of its mechanics are perfectly customized to change the game’s tempo while opening up new possibilities for players to enjoy everything to its fullest.

Thanks to the real-time tactical element, players can make the most of every potential available in each squad’s character. They can also link many abilities or skills together to create impressive combos, thereby creating unexpected but funniest moments when destroying opponents. Impressive features from the main gameplay give players plenty of entertainment or laughter through its lovely yet complex activities.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™


The game is developed in a real-time strategy style and introduces iconic characters or familiar areas from the South Park series. Besides, it also has a single-player campaign system full of excitement and is large enough for people to relax or explore things instead of immersed in battles. Of course, people can relate single-player situations to multiplayer to expand to new possibilities.

The game’s plot is also built according to many interesting concepts, mixing modern and classic to diversify the player’s experience. Everything inside it is adorable while also mixing in more jokes from the original series to enhance the entertainment of the environment. Depending on the player’s progress, many new contents will gradually unlock or create excellent conditions to develop.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™


Besides its deep gameplay or additional activities, the character system in South Park: Phone Destroyer™ is complex and varied. It has more than 100 characters and 100 different spells for players to collect, creating many new and rich fighting styles. The many impressive potentials and limits will unlock new abilities for players, causing their strategy or lineup to change dramatically over time.

All of that content is contained in unique cards, and players can upgrade them for better performance. Depending on an individual development style, players can follow many different paths, even creating particular interactions between characters in battles. Over time, people can unlock more new cards from events, even designing or customizing individual cards.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™


The unique feature of this game is that it will introduce many new things that the South Park series does not have to enhance the experience or give players more discoveries. That includes many activities or events where players can directly interact with each other. Although they have a lot of simple content, the mini-games are the main highlight, as they are creative and often come in various forms.

Depending on the individual activities of the player, they can change or design completely new gameplay with the South Park style. People can also team up or exchange cards in activities to change tactics or create a more exciting atmosphere. In short, the arrival of mini-games will be many new adventures for players to enjoy the South Park universe with friends to the fullest.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™


Character customization is also the depth of content that every player in South Park: Phone Destroyer™ has enjoyed and widely responded to. The abundance of costumes will give players more ideas to design unique or outstanding characters. Players can also create more funny animations for the characters, displaying many eye-catching skills when interacting with the environment or enemies.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™ mainly emphasizes entertainment and humor and constantly innovates things to suit different ages or styles of players. Its activities or events are also outstanding and lively, suitable for people to come together and enjoy all the activities of South Park.


  • Iconic characters from the South Park universe with exotic abilities for players to diversify their battle rosters to new extents.
  • Intriguing and intoxicating real-time strategy gameplay with endless innovation or variation to heighten the mood of every battle or activity.
  • Over hundreds of character cards to collect and upgrade, along with explosive spells to utilize every combat factor or possibility.
  • Magnificent events with hilarious concepts and procedures for players to enjoy with friends through numerous challenges or puzzles.
  • In-depth jokes and references from the main South Park series for players to explore and develop a whole new stylish and memorable journey.
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