Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation gives players free time to experience when they can drive and overcome many things ahead. You will use the money to unlock levels with new terrain and unique vehicles.

App NameStickman Destruction 4 Annihilation
PublisherStickman games
Latest Version1.21
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, No ADS
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Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation is a game where the player will drive with a stickman and overcome the characters and terrain ahead. These terrains will get complicated over time, and you will need to spend money to unlock them. At the same time, the number of vehicles you can drive is also diverse and urges players to join the game screen to explore.

Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation


In Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation, players will completely traverse many interesting terrains and receive completely impressive rewards. At the same time, they also experience the challenge of each location and can crash into many other stickmen on the way. They can earn extra points and see physical effects that inform the status of the characters in it. Therefore, this is a useful game to help you relieve stress.

Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation

You will control the vehicle with two simple gas and brake pedals buttons, and this control is not too difficult for many players. At the same time, you can also tap the screen to add other stickmen to each level. You also encounter other elements such as explosives or pre-arranged stickmen at each level. So, players will want to learn and try many things at each level over time.

Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation


Before you start the level of Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation, you will choose the level you want. Each level is on a different theme, so you will need to choose to have a completely diverse experience. At the same time, the amount of money in each game screen that you receive is used to unlock the next level. It will be what motivates players to participate in levels and learn about new things.

Another interesting point is that besides the essential car in each level, there will be a collection of vehicles with different genres for you to choose from. At the same time, they will create different possibilities that you want to experiment with within this free world.

Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation

The experience you find in the game is entirely diverse:

  • You will drive in the pre-designated environment, and you will face stickmen that constantly appear.
  • Driving in the game is entirely accessible, and players are free to add any stickman at their desired time.
  • Each number of times you go to the finish line of the level will help you get a certain amount of money, which will be used for different purposes.
  • New environments will be unlocked, and players will explore what’s in them with newly introduced obstacle chapters.
  • The number of vehicles that you can drive is quite diverse, and sure, you will feel excited to try what you can do with them.
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