Stories: Your Choice is a story library where you can read any story of the genre you like and gradually experience its world. They have their problems that you need to solve and paths you have to choose.

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App NameStories: Your Choice
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Stories: Your Choice is a game that focuses on storytelling and has choices in stories of different genres. It meets the needs of players and changes their experience when experiencing different worlds. At the same time, each story has its issues that players will need to consider and solve to guide the story in the right direction. Surely you will not be able to ignore what the game brings.

Stories: Your Choice (interactive novels)Stories: Your Choice (interactive novels)


When starting Stories, players will choose the story they want to experience, and there will be many stories waiting for you to enter. One feature that any player will realize is that you will not need to care about the order of experience of the game because each story is up in a different universe. In other words, each story has its plot and will fall under a different genre. So indeed, every discovery is a complete experience.

You can experience some storylines that you will be transformed into a character and appear on an island all girls for some reason. They all want to win you over, and you will find a way to deal with the situation. Besides this storyline, you can also go to an era where gods and demigods exist. Here, there were rebellions, and the main character’s hometown was completely occupied.

Stories: Your Choice (interactive novels)Stories: Your Choice (interactive novels)


After you’ve selected a Story’s story, the players will begin with the first steps to enter it. The first job that you will need to do is choose the appearance of the character. Choosing this look is sometimes not like fashion games, but just portraits of pre-made characters. From there, if you feel that the character’s appearance and costume are appropriate, you will choose and start the main plot of the game right after.

The first developments will appear one by one before your eyes, and the information appears in an obvious way to ensure you feel comfortable reading. The experience is similar to reading a book when you will know the story’s progress slowly so as not to miss any information. At the same time, the problems that need to be solved will often appear, but you will not know in advance how many minutes they will appear and in which episode they will appear lot.

Stories: Your Choice (interactive novels)Stories: Your Choice (interactive novels)


As mentioned above, players will encounter problems that you will need to solve in Stories. The common way to deal with these same problems is to make the choices you feel are necessary. In other words, you will gather what you have gained through conversations and your feelings to choose that you think is suitable. Everyone wants a good and correct result.

Because of the variety of options, players will consider making the right one and continue the story to the next choice. Of course, anyone would be curious about the remaining developments if they chose the other option. It will be a similar line or a further development. So this is the element where players will re-experience the same story repeatedly because it satisfies their curiosity and immerses them in the world they love so much.

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