Strategy & Tactics 2 Mod APK is a real fighting game based on real-world wars.

1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Gold
3. Unlimited Power Points
4. Unlimited Resources

App Name Strategy & Tactics 2
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Genre Strategy
Size 455M
Latest Version 1.0.71
MOD Info Unlimited Gold, Credit
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Strategy & Tactics 2 allows you to restore order to the world. This is a real warfighting game based on real-world events. The ambition to become a world hegemon will once again be revived with classic and fiery battles between great powers. With Strategy & Tactics 2 you can manually rewrite world history in your own way.

Strategy & Tactics 2


Strategy & Tactics 2 is considered a war game that realistically depicts real-life situations, giving players the most realistic and fierce experience. Coming to the game you will have to immerse yourself in the wars. Prepare your entire military force as well as claim to organize a fiery and explosive war. Not only fighting in the infantry with armored tanks and bullets flying through the sky, Strategy & Tactics 2 also gives you the experience of fighting in the air and navy.


This is a highly rated and challenging multiplayer game. Because your task is not only to put all military forces for the war but also to be the leader to make policies that are beneficial to the country. Every country has different strengths and weaknesses and so should yours. Let’s use the strength in economic potential so that the smaller countries have to serve them and reap a lot of benefits.

Strategy & Tactics 2


You can choose any country and have all the power of that country. Let’s lead that country into a world superpower with all strengths in military, politics, economy, diplomacy… To be a wise leader you need to be well prepared in terms of forces and wealth so that all your wars are not interrupted. Make sure that Strategy & Tactics 2 will see wise policies and the ultimate battle.


Every war breaks out, the fighting military force will play a huge role. Therefore, the Infantry, Artillery, Air Force, or Navy must all be equipped with the most modern and modern combat weapons. Recruit and train a lot of brave troops with the strongest and most persistent fighting power. Your mighty army will spread across fronts all over the world. Besides, choose a reliable ally to stand with you on the harsh battlefield.


Weapons and means of combat should always be a top priority. Our leaders must be alert to the correct selection of each weapon. Each different front will have each appropriate weapon. Think carefully and don’t waste your energy or money.

Strategy & Tactics 2


  • Exploding classic battles.
  • The leader governs with clever policies.
  • Rule and turn countries into world superpowers.
  • Invest in a fighting army.
  • Weapons are advanced, diverse, and have great damage.
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