is a gameplay simulation of the puzzle game of the same name with the level number that the players need to solve. Players will use tools to complete levels and change their experience.

App – Classic Sudoku
Latest Version5.5.1
Get it OnGoogle Play gives you a chance to challenge yourself with challenging levels revolving around numbers and empty squares. You will try to add numbers to the empty boxes and ensure the game’s conditions. At the same time, with many more than 10000 levels, any player can ultimately find a suitable screen to experience, and the game supports a variety of devices with different screen sizes. – сlassic sudoku


When you start, surely a system of sentences that this game brings will appear before your eyes. Of course, you will spend time-solving these problems with your inference talent from the data that appear on the screen. Players can also easily unlock the next level after completing the previous level. So there will be many regulatory elements that players will need to adhere to.

The gameplay of the classic Sudoku has not changed, so you will get a 9×9 board divided into small squares. At the same time, there will be scattered, and the work that the player needs to do in this level is to add numbers to help the vertical, horizontal, and in-square rows create ordered numbers from 1 to 9. So, if you enter a number and there is a duplicate, an error will be generated.

In each game screen, you will know the difficulty of the game screen and the number of mistakes you may make. That challenges the players as they are forced to complete the level carefully without any problems. At the same time, it can be considered a famous puzzle game that anyone wants to conquer, and of course, the game offers many tools to assist players in completing the gameplay. – сlassic – сlassic sudoku


Once you have started a puzzle game like, it will take time to complete the level. Each level has a specific difficulty that you will need to pay attention to and make a careful choice as there will be many conditions that you will need to satisfy. At the same time, with many more than 10000 levels, it will undoubtedly bring a challenging journey, and the game also has tools to help you overcome this factor.

You can stop the level immediately when you are playing a level and you have something to do. Also, you don’t need to worry about your progress being erased after exiting the game because the game allows you to save your progress easily. You can restart the level or continue to complete it anywhere and anytime you feel fit to play. So it can help you to kill time effectively.


Players can easily find useful tools to complete the level and have an impressive experience. Specifically, the hints will help you recognize the clues to add numbers correctly, and of course, they will often have limitations in their use. You can go back to the number of times you want to add a number that you feel is not appropriate. At the same time, the delete feature is also a valuable feature to remove the errors you encounter. – сlassic – сlassic sudoku

As for the experience, gives you an interface accessible to any player and has several levels for beginners when its difficulty is quite varied. At the same time, players can freely adjust the screen’s color with the basic colors that the game provides. Indeed, the game can fit any device with different screen sizes, so you will have a completely guaranteed experience.

Players will try to complete Sudoku puzzles using the data in the game:

  • Players will fill in the numbers in the empty squares to satisfy the game conditions and carefully observe the provided numbers.
  • The game offers more than 10000 levels with different difficulty levels that you can choose from, suitable for beginners.
  • Players can take advantage of hints to complete the level, and the game will save your progress if you have to stop the level suddenly.
  • There are helpful tools to help you make careful moves such as undoing to go back to the previous move or erasing to erase the mistakes you make.
  • Players can freely choose the color of the screen they love, and the game is suitable for various devices.
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