Super Salon is a completely free and unique game. It helps players experience the feeling of owning a salon and getting real customer care.

App NameSuper Salon
PublisherLion Studios
Latest Version1.4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, No ADS
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If you are a beauty lover, want to try your skills in this field, Super Salon is a great game for you. This is a real-life salon management game, where you will experience many new things in the beauty industry and will have interesting beauty experiences for yourself. You will feel the excitement of running your own salon and managing a variety of staff. Clients will need your help to have good looks, good skin, and it’s up to you to transform them with mole rays, eyebrow sculpting, peeling pimples, and more. Here are some of the features and gameplay to help you better understand this interesting game.

Super SalonSuper Salon


Super Salon is a completely free game. Players will run a large salon to take care of customers, upgrade facilities, modern technical equipment to make everything quicker and more efficient. You will be the owner of a salon, and when customers come to your store, your task is to take care and satisfy customers, make a lot of money to upgrade your business location.

When you first play, your tasks are straightforward, such as eyebrow trimming and face massage, but after making a lot of money from these jobs, you can upgrade the equipment to a higher level and unlock more devices. From there, you will do more advanced jobs using that modern equipment such as plastic surgery. Gradually, you will become rich and attract many customers in the city to your shop for beauty care. Beautify them and make their dreams come true.


In Super Salon, the customer will need some help from you, and whatever help or activity the gameplay is straightforward and easy to use. Whether it’s their eyes, nose, mouth, or face, touch the screen and move the tools around the area until it’s done. Mistakes are inevitable in the working process, so you have to do what the client asks for until they are satisfied before moving on to the next section.

Super SalonSuper Salon

Maybe, you have to do it repeatedly at the same level because you have to do the same activity for many different customers. However, no matter how many times to repeat, the gameplay is straightforward, so you are easy to do, and you will satisfy customers, help them change their appearance. After a while, you will unlock other game procedures, and it will save you time and work more efficiently than before.


Your task in Super Salon is to take care of customers such as masking, hair removal, makeup, trimming eyebrows, … and please your dear customers to earn enough money to turn. Beauty salon into a great place of your own. First, you have to work hard to meet your guests’ requirements to make a lot of money, and then you will use that money to upgrade your devices to new and higher technology. If you work hard, you will gradually unlock many devices and tools of the game.

On the other hand, attracting visitors is also related to your salon’s design; if you have a beautiful and luxurious decoration, visitors will come to your salon more. To decorate a salon, you have to use the money to finish the job to do it. You will use that money to buy lovely items or beautiful plants to decorate your store, making your store not only more luxurious but also attract more customers.

Super SalonSuper Salon


Manufacturers professionally design super Salon with beautiful graphics. The manufacturer designs the cosmetic tools carefully and meticulously, just like actual cosmetic tools. The game characters are also sketched very clearly and cute with pimples, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and everything on the face in great detail, helping players immerse themselves in work and enjoy more with this new game. The bright and unique colors and animation of the game also make you more attracted to this game.

The graphics of the game are perfect. The colors are vivid and colorful; everything is beautiful and harmonious. The producer has made a great game with a beauty salon that looks like real life. Therefore, this game will give players an enjoyable experience thanks to this realistic graphics and design.

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