Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Mod APK is an accurate route navigation application with specific roads in the world. Observe the road with 3D maps and get many other benefits such as listening to voice navigation or receiving notifications about the cost of parking or gas fuel…

App NameSygic GPS Navigation & Maps
GenreMaps & Navigation
Latest Version23.1.1-2200
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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Are you looking for an assistant to guide you along the way? At best, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps will be the choice I recommend for you. This is considered the most modern mapping software today, chosen and trusted by many people. Users will get many unique benefits from this application, such as guided navigation from the intelligent application. This application is made to suit everyone where it is simple to use. In addition, you can observe the road closely with a clear 3D map.

Sygic GPS Navigation & MapsSygic GPS Navigation & Maps


No one can ignore the most advanced navigation applications like Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps bring. You can use this application online and even without a network connection, and users can know all the roads in the world even if they just go for the first time. This app will update maps for all countries globally and provide precise and clear directions for everyone.


We will continuously update a lot of maps with routes from large to small in different country areas around the world. You can use it when using different vehicles, walking, motorbike, or other multi-wheeled vehicles. The user is allowed to see and follow the navigation map directions while walking. To provide users with a safer environment in traffic, we have updated the voice navigation feature. The directions from the map are entirely accurate, and in addition, this application can read the street names in different countries accurately.

Sygic GPS Navigation & MapsSygic GPS Navigation & Maps


Our application has countless unique utilities, and it is recognized as a must-have software for everyone when traveling. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is considered the best travel guide assistant for you if you don’t have a tour guide with you. This application will show you the tourist attractions of your area. You can even choose any country globally, and the app will make suggestions for your next destination.


Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app is too numerous users around the world; more than 500 million people choose this app. It is known that thanks to a large number of users in the world of this application, you can get a lot of benefits in return. One of them is getting traffic jam warnings from people. You can see which roads are congested anywhere in the world and the last option is to avoid those roads when going out.


With a large number of users in the world, many people use many different means. So, we help you to have a safe journey without worrying about anything. You can connect this app to your car and then concentrate on driving. This application will take over the role of voice directions, or you can accurately observe on the car’s touch screen.

Sygic GPS Navigation & MapsSygic GPS Navigation & Maps


More than just giving directions, this app also saves you a fair amount of money while on the road. If you don’t know the cost of curbside parking, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps guide you. Users can see recommendations for the closest parking spaces with corresponding prices, and then you will choose the parking space that suits your needs. You can get accurate fuel price alerts on the go and refill your tank at the lowest price, even for car fuel.


– Connects online and can be used offline with many maps around the world.
– Voice directions combined with the feature of reading the names of roads on the road.
– The number one travel assistant you can’t miss when it comes to showing you crowded areas when traveling.
– Get alerts for information on the go, such as areas of traffic accidents or traffic jams.
– Collect data on the cost of car fuel or the quality of parking lots…

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