Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan Mod APK brings you experiences with high-quality GPS navigation routes.

App NameSygic Truck & RV Navigation
GenreMaps & Navigation
Latest Version22.3.2
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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Sygic Truck & RV Navigation is likened to an effective co-driver when it can help you with accurate, intelligent directions. This application has many smart features. Specifically, you will get one-of-a-kind special routes dedicated to each vehicle type. Many types of giant vehicles are our target audiences, such as trucks, and delivery vans. Not stopping there, this application also favors bringing you the best quality offline maps.

Sygic Truck & RV NavigationSygic Truck & RV Navigation


First of all, users should use this GPS navigation map application which owns themselves the most professional cars along with giant vehicles. It can be Camions, HGVs, even Vans, Buses. This application is not only suitable for individual individuals who own their own cars, but it is also extremely popular with the best fleet of delivery vehicles on the planet. Thanks to its smart and convenient features, it can be trusted and has such a strong appeal.


Every time you embark on route and route search, Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan gives you special fixed routes just for your vehicle type. All have been calculated in the most detail from the travel time to the specific distance you will travel. Not stopping there, users are also updated with many attractive options to help you replace each other. Depending on your needs and wishes, you can search for the most suitable, fastest, and most convenient route.


At the same time, we are constantly improving and anticipating unexpected situations. One of them is that you may not always be able to work online with this app. Thus, the offline 3D map feature was born. It is invested with the highest quality images possible. Especially with each year, we will update new routes and changes to help you not be mistaken.

Sygic Truck & RV NavigationSygic Truck & RV Navigation


Not stopping there, this application also supports users with the feature of completing profiles for personal cars. This way we can capture individual parameters to give you the most accurate predictions possible. One of those parameters is the size and weight of the materials that make up it. In addition, information such as the number of trailers along with the number of people you will be transporting will be provided. All will help you to have the most appropriate, best route options.


Especially, Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan also gives you a brand new extremely convenient feature. I want to mention here the feature that when you get close to your destination, the application will automatically limit the last mile. It will be more memorable than the roads ahead of you. Specifically, this road segment will be covered by a different color layer. Thanks to this, you can identify when you are close to your destination to slow down and prepare to observe the surrounding vehicles to stop safely.


In addition to those features, this application promises you the most enjoyable experiences. Specifically, users will be able with just one note, to be able to set a few of their favorite locations. Thanks to that, it can be more convenient to search on that route if you have traveled in the past. A few places are prioritized for you to choose such as a gas station, a weighing station, or even a rest area.

Sygic Truck & RV Navigation


In addition, Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan also favors making the most optimized plans professionally. Specifically, if you immerse yourself in these plans, you will receive the most helpful information that you can never find anywhere else. For example, being able to avoid toll roads will save you some money each month. Besides, you can also stay away from other dangers from low bridges or narrow roads.

  • This GPS navigation application is dedicated to trucks and giant vehicles with many smart features and high accuracy.
  • Owning profiles with accurate personal vehicles helps you determine the right route.
  • Indulge in plans that will keep you away from toll roads, narrow roads, or low bridges.
  • The last part of the road will be changed to another color to help you prepare to stop.
  • Please choose the date of your favorite places to make it more convenient for you to forget your way, refuel easily, and rest quickly.
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