Taekwondo Workout At Home gives users very attractive and modern martial arts lessons. Users can follow the course closely, and no matter what level you are at, you can follow the methodical route.

App NameTaekwondo Workout At Home
PublisherHazard Studio
GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Version1.28
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If you are wondering whether to start learning the martial arts route to exercise, Taekwondo Workout At Home is a perfect choice. This application is dedicated to teaching you about Taekwondo and related issues that will be developed to help you access the knowledge. Moreover, the application is also providing a series of modern features so that you can see the application is increasingly modern and innovative.

Taekwondo Workout At Home


The application will ask questions to assess where you are currently and what progress you want to track. Once you’ve done a series of those assessments, users will be graded on your route to help you learn fully. If you are a beginner, you will be guided through the most interesting warm-up lessons.


The application will provide instructional videos, and it is these videos that make you more interested in the lessons. You will be given the option to choose the mode of viewing, which can be guided or animated. This application is adding new modern videos for you to follow and catch up with your training sessions easily.

Taekwondo Workout At HomeTaekwondo Workout At Home


The application will also be able to chat with experts and raise problems for experts to solve. This both creates the basic impression and creates comfort for the user. Moreover, you can also record the exercises and send them to the experts for their assessment.


The app will also announce the most interesting exercises, and it is these exercises that will help you develop your ability. There will be a limit on each exercise assigned, and experts will review your training to provide unbiased assessments.


The application has a built-in activity tracking system as well as spreadsheets. In which the indicators will be displayed to help users assess the current situation and give the best direction in the learning process.

Taekwondo Workout At HomeTaekwondo Workout At Home


  • Offers new route-based instructional videos for those just starting to explore or conquer this martial arts content.
  • Having expert guides and useful tips will create useful motivations for you.
  • You will be assigned exercises and have a limit to submit exercises so that you can practice on your own to increase your adaptability to this martial art.
  • Announce the class schedule in a modern way, and the application also opens online classes for many people.
  • Track the training route as well as the calories you burn during exercise and learn this Taekwondo martial art.
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