Tap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game helps players earn a lot of money without doing too much. With just a few touches, you can make a lot of money and continue to expand your business.

App NameTap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game
PublisherMeeWow Games
Latest Version2.15.18
MOD InfoUnlimited Gems
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Tap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game is a pretty idle game that you can’t ignore because you don’t need to do too much and can still make a lot of money in a moment. For those passionate about business, surely everyone has dreamed that they will become rich and build their property one day. It is not simple, but you will experience that feeling once with this game.

Tap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game


Coming to Tap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game, you will play the role of an unremarkable young girl named Piggy B but has a huge ambition to get rich. Piggy was initially just an employee at an Empire large corporation, and her dull life passed. Until she realizes that she will have to earn a lot of money or become a millionaire like her current boss, with a strong will and great ambition, she will begin to move towards her goal despite the challenges ahead.

Who could have known before that you were just an ordinary employee, but after a short time, you could build an empire of your own? Of course, anything is possible with just a few quick steps of building some buildings and just waiting for them to bring you a lot of money. There will be nothing happier than just sitting still and increasing finances, but you should also have a perfect strategy to keep your business on the right track.

Tap Empire: Idle Tycoon GameTap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game


Although it’s just started and hasn’t been successful yet, the boss Mr.Bossworth at your old company is trying to find ways to bring you down by all means. Surely he didn’t like the feeling of being surpassed by someone who used to work at his company. Therefore you should always beware of any tricks Mr.Bossworth may do and try to continue to develop your business to put him to shame.

The only way you can do it is to focus on your work so show your courage and always stick to the goal set in the first place. The game will give a lot of different tasks that you need to overcome and are divided into many levels from easy to complex. However, you can touch the screen and earn money without being directly involved in the production process because everything is automated.


When you have achieved everything that you want and have succeeded as you ever dreamed of, but everything is still not enough for those who have incredibly high aspirations, that is you. When people have everything in their hands, they will want more and more and your current goal has gradually shifted to having it all. You will begin to expand your business model to help it grow and bring your name closer to more customers.

Tap Empire: Idle Tycoon GameTap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game

To do that, you need to use the money you earn after completing each task and use them to build some other buildings. Or it could be investing in upgrades to improve the quality of your facilities so that they can meet the needs of your customers. Not only that, but you can also go further, such as expanding your business to some new places.


  • Have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a millionaire and build an empire of your own.
  • A perfect choice in your spare time because you won’t need to do too much and still have exciting experiences.
  • Invest quite carefully in terms of images, although designed in 2D style, but still create a very realistic feeling when playing.
  • Vivid sound effects, not rushing to help players relax gently.
  • Automated mechanism so that you only need to touch without participating in some other too complicated work.
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