Taps to Riches Mod APK simulates construction and development in a dream city where you will be in control of everything. Players complete construction work, collect coins, and participate in giveaway events.

App NameTaps to Riches
PublisherGame Circus LLC
Latest Version2.84
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Taps to Riches is a free-to-play construction game where the player participates in developing his own city based on successive taps on the screen. This is your opportunity to develop a world of your own, where you will manage all activities and collect fees from them. Every day, buildings can generate a lot of coins and can be upgraded to improve the amount received. This process repeats, and you can see the difference after just a few days. This entertaining game with many special bonus events will leave you satisfied.

Taps to Riches


The appearance of buildings in Taps to Riches results from the player tapping on the screen many times. However, you will have to take the first steps, such as choosing the location of buildings, redesigning them, and upgrading them. Thus, after touching the image of the building, the coin will be sent to your pocket. Each building can be upgraded to many levels. Each level will again own a milestone, and they are marked with the value of coins.


An extensive reform in Taps to Riches has motivated players to buy more land and build new buildings. This process takes a lot of your time; however, it will help the area under your management to expand. The challenges you face in this process can be daunting, but we’ll support you. Some buildings are only built when the system requires enough money. Explore more building lists that will appear to choose the one you’re interested in.

Taps to Riches


Each city will have different income levels based on the level of the buildings. But the challenges completed in Taps to Riches are also a reason for players to receive additional rewards. Resources from events will help you develop new buildings soon. The power to exploit what the city has and observe it from afar is yours. The city that develops under your management will be an interesting game worth experiencing.


Taps to Riches has a lot going for you; we’re always ready to offer new challenges and situations. Every experience in the game is compelling entertainment. The process of creating your own dream city will be supported by a list of necessary works and many offers from the weekly event. Starting with a few small buildings and small sums of money, you become a holder of many lands and manage the entire famous city.

Taps to Riches


  • Develop your skills in designing, managing, and planning an entire vacant lot into a city of your own dreams.
  • Put the works into operation, start the construction work to have more buildings in this city.
  • New weekly events to help players receive the opportunity to discover and develop skills through assigned tasks.
  • Complete challenges to receive rewards; you can also earn more from buildings and maintain an income source to get a lot of capital.
  • Touch and drop for coins to appear, upgrade buildings to make them bigger, you also earn more money.
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