App Name The Ants: Underground Kingdom
Publisher StarUnion
Genre Strategy
Size 100M
Latest Version 3.9.0
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Have you ever imagined yourself as the king of ants and The Ants: The Underground Kingdom will help you make that dream come true. The game allows players to create their own great ant nest. The genre of base strategy building will bring you many new experiences. You will learn about the development of ants and their nest-building activities. At the same time, you also witness the wars for prey and colonies of insects.


Opening the player to a great adventure of hardworking ants, you also need to be patient to help them find food and materials to build the nest. This strategy game is not only for you to build but also gives you a dangerous fighting world. Start performing the assigned tasks by learning the concept information to equip yourself with useful knowledge. The Ants: the Underground Kingdom gives players a main location and quest for you to perform.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom The Ants: Underground Kingdom

Watch the ants build the nest, and besides, you also perform other small tasks. You can also find your own paths, but if you are new to the experience, it is best to stick to the tasks outlined. The left side of the screen will show specific tasks, in the exclamation point will give you all the tasks of a screen. When you perform well on each task, you will receive attractive gifts for your ant army.


Completing quests will help you progress as you search for resources to expand your territory. Create your own growth strategy to build your own base. Each player has their own building speed. The faster you build, the stronger your ant nest will be and fight off more enemies. The danger is always lurking around you when the colonies around you can all be considered enemies unless surrounded by members who have an alliance with you.

The Ants: the Underground Kingdom allows players to accelerate their work with exciting events. You will start everything from the builder. When your ant colony has more members, then you should choose 4 builders to build everything. Sometimes you will see a game message displayed on the screen to let you know what your nest building process needs to follow.


Build a warehouse to provide a place for the ants to store resources. From there, the builder ants will automatically process the materials and build the nest. Remember to regularly check your inventory to use the necessary items during the construction of the castle. Once you’ve built it, you’ll upgrade your Queen ant higher. In addition, you need to build a solid army tunnel to resist surprise attacks from other players. If you are bored with the underground world, you can also change your colony to the outside world by using the button on the bottom right. Examine your surroundings to search for resources. Use the search button displayed on the left side of the screen.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom The Ants: Underground Kingdom

You are in the external environment, and you need to know the strength of each different creature. When players make marches, you need to consider all opponents. Colonies that do not have any alliances are lucrative places that you need to destroy. Or you can also initiate a war between alliances by fighting a certain colony.


If you want your ants to have a larger colony, you need to train them in the barracks. Turn ordinary ants that can fight stronger. However, if you encounter a formidable opponent, this is when you need the alliance to help. The way for you to be less colonized is to move your colony closer to where the alliance members are.

Alliance with many other players will help you more favorably in battle as well as get more rewards. When you complete the daily mission, and main quest, The Ants: Underground Kingdom will give you valuable rewards. Do you want to be alone or with your alliance to plunder resources to expand the territory?

Build your own empire of ants in The Ants: the Underground Kingdom, and you are their leader. To survive and develop, players need to have their own strategies to protect their territory while avoiding threats from other creatures. Create the ant nests with the most amazing fighting power and become the king of insects right away.

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