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App NameThe Score
PublisherLit Games Development
Latest Version1.5.10
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The Score is a game that focuses on the story where you will transform into a guy and solve your problems. You will take the time to read what is happening in the game very slowly to grasp the critical information. At the same time, you will always be faced with easy to difficult choices to progress in this game. So you will immerse yourself in an exciting and beautiful world that always brings you surprises.


In The Score, you and the main character will go through a world with many problems to solve, and there will always be questions that you can make the right choices. This game does not focus on the control element but will focus on the plot element. Therefore, the information is essential that you cannot ignore, and it will appear everywhere in the game. Therefore, you will not ignore any factors because they are always a valuable basis to progress in the game.

You will see the interface of the game, and the first job when you enter it is to choose a look for your character. The way to choose the look is not complicated like the fashion games where you will select the elements for your character. So there are already some pre-made looks, and you can make your selection in just a few minutes. From there, you will begin the process of learning the details inside the game’s story.

The Score: interactive men stories & gamesThe Score: interactive men stories & games


When you start experiencing The Score, you will see the dialogue of different characters, and you will feel drawn into it. There will be reasons for players to be drawn into the details of this game. Specifically, you will be less likely to encounter elements that affect your experience, so it will be easier for you to focus on the plot element, read the information it brings, and not have any problems. In addition, the game’s graphics are also stunning, which helps to illustrate the conversation well.

You can easily see where and how the information you read is happening. So you will be able to understand the problem in the game quickly, which is perfectly suitable for players who do not like to read books. In addition, carefully reading the information in the game is an advantage to making choices, and you will know which choices you will lean more towards when understanding the direction of the previous story. There will be options that you will need to decide to go forward.

The Score: interactive men stories & gamesThe Score: interactive men stories & gamesThe Score: interactive men stories & games


You will read the plot of the story in The Score, and at some point, you will encounter a problem with different solutions. The selection will sometimes be difficult for the player when the choices all lead to different paths, and each one makes you curious. So you will only choose one option and continue your journey. You also don’t need to worry when experiencing a story-focused game; it’s natural to experience it again and again.

When players experience a story inside the game, then players will completely love them. So, re-reading different parts will be similar to watching a movie again, but it will be slightly different for games that focus on the story. You will be able to choose options that you could not decide before to see how it will lead to the outcome. So it will be a long journey for you to discover all that takes place in this game.

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