Time Cut is a professional video editing application that allows users to edit video motion. Turn your video into Slow Motion with slow-motion or HFR with a high frame rate.

App NameTime Cut
Latest Version2.6.0
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Time Cut will be a particular application that can help users get a unique video editing experience. If you are a person who owns professional video editing tasks, this will definitely be an editing application that you should not ignore in your collection. With this application, users will be able to use many different special features to turn their videos into new versions.

Time Cut : Smooth Slow Motion Video EditorTime Cut : Smooth Slow Motion Video Editor


A video created to meet the requirements best will need to go through post-production editing operations. Usually, with special scenes that need to be focused on, you will have to record slowly, or unnecessary scenes will need to fast forward. But for these requirements to be implemented right in the recording operations seems impossible with all different conditions.

But you also don’t have to worry too much about the post-production editing operations that will help you achieve the required speed of the motion. With Time Cut, users can increase the frame rate of edited videos up to 60/120/240 fps. On the contrary, you can take videos with fast motion that can be converted into the familiar 24 fps cinema and 30 fps video.


One of the things that users care about the application through its video motion speed editing features is quality. For common video speed converters, users will easily encounter a situation where their video quality will be significantly reduced without a fix. But that is something that users will not be able to find with Time Cut when the features used will be at the highest level.

All videos that users edit inside the application will be carefully read and analyzed by the system through the set features. Thanks to that, whether users want to turn their videos into Slowmotion videos or HFR videos, the quality will not change. The movements inside the video are converted in a highly gentle style and bring high smoothness to the viewer.

Time Cut : Smooth Slow Motion Video EditorTime Cut : Smooth Slow Motion Video Editor


In order to give its users the highest usability, all the features equipped will be carefully researched. In order for a video to be customized, the fast or slow motion will need to be supported by the kinds of professional graphic effects that the application will integrate. The twixtor effect that the application brings seems to be a familiar effect for professional video editing users.

Twixtor Effect is the most professional Slow Motion plugin for first-time users of the application. The Twixtor effect will play a supporting role so that users can turn Videos recorded at normal speed into clips with extremely slow-moving speed. From there, the movies that many viewers are familiar with, called Slow Motion, will be created by professional video editors.


In addition to the ability to give videos in fast or slow motion, the application will also give users other movements. Many special scenes inside movies will be needed not only for fast or slow motion but also for some motion blur. With this type of motion, the viewer will have a special perception of the motion of the image that will be left on the screen.

To be able to create motion blur requires ordinary video editors to own a lot of manipulation as well as high experience. But with the special support of technology, now video editors will receive special help from Time Cut. Now your videos will be added with motion blur like the RSMB plugin that you can get on the PC versions. To be able to give video editors and viewers the highest level of satisfaction, the motion blur that the application brings will need to be used with the optical flow method.

Time Cut : Smooth Slow Motion Video EditorTime Cut : Smooth Slow Motion Video Editor


  • The application is designed to be able to give its users the ability to edit video movements extremely professionally.
  • Edit videos with slow frame motion into amazing videos at 60/120/240 fps with ease.
  • The reverse editing capability allows users to give their videos 24 fps or 30 fps videos.
  • All genres of fast or slow motion that the application brings to users will be supported with extremely professional editing effects.
  • Make videos special with motion blur fx right on compact mobile devices like RSMB After Effects plugin on PC versions.
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