App NametinyCam PRO
PublisherTiny Solutions LLC
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version15.3.10 – Google Play
MOD InfoPatched/MOD Extra
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Are you looking to monitor or record activities in your home or room without spending a lot of time? If yes, then come to tinyCam Monitor PRO. It will meet your necessary needs. This is an application in a series of unique applications and features outstanding modernity. Not only recording or recording the whole incident, but it also includes the ability to report back on the occurrence of unexpected activities. This modernity has reached users and received positive comments.


In today’s life, misunderstandings or social problems become a big pain. Sometimes recording all the events is an effective way to know the truth, right and wrong. Our talented programmers have constantly been creating and learning from experience to launch this amazing application. This is a new point that is both exciting and deeply global and highly appreciated globally.

This modernity has brought a fresher look and made users feel more excited. Connecting to this camera is relatively simple and easy to use, with many unique features allow users to connect with just a touch of a button. Shortening the connection time, the user is probably 3 years old or older. The recorded videos are recorded with specific dates and times to increase accuracy and safety for users.

tinyCam PRO – Swiss knife to monitor IP camtinyCam PRO – Swiss knife to monitor IP cam


With the old traditional way, if you want to watch the movies you want, you have to connect and use a computer to watch them. What’s more, everything is tedious and time-consuming. I can’t control myself that I can watch it anytime, anywhere. But with today’s development, tinyCam Monitor PRO seems to be more novel in terms of connectivity, easy to use anytime, anywhere, and does not take too much time.

The application connects to the smartphone very quickly. The special thing is that one camera device and 10 cameras can be connected simultaneously in all different locations. Support for cameras to turn on / off depending on the needs and activities of the user himself. It can be viewed anytime, anywhere with a relatively modern player. Just a light touch can view the video from the camera. The ability to fast forward is also very modern, and it can zoom up to hundreds of times without the image being broken or distorted.


This is a completely new application with a lot of functions to meet users’ needs, as one of the most modern applications available today, allowing users to detect two parallel actions at the same time in all video slideshows. This is both easy for monitoring and inspection and does not take too much time for detection. There is a feature to take a snapshot of suspicious events or events and specify a specific date and time.

tinyCam PRO – Swiss knife to monitor IP camtinyCam PRO – Swiss knife to monitor IP cam

More specifically, there is an audio alarm function in tinyCam Monitor PRO if the amount of sound received exceeds the allowable threshold. This report is reported to the server at the time of the incident to check the camera to know the specific situation. Automatically scan the LAN to reset the camera not to lose the network and not stop working immediately. A good sensor system supports multiple cameras.


When at home with small children or adults, tinyCam Monitor PRO also makes you more satisfied when you can monitor every corner of your home. The resulting sound corresponds to the real sound in real life. Monitor multiple images and sounds at the same time. When using the zoom in or out mode, the image is sharp and realistic as in real life.

It detects faces clearly and has a high-speed face image scanning format. Support storage with an open mode allows users to search if needed easily or re-monitor if desired. Pre-marked with a clear date and time to save each person’s search time. Quick and convenient to use, suitable for many different purposes.

Through this, tinyCam Monitor PRO fully demonstrates the essentials of modern life. Including unique features along with the modernity of science and technology to make life more convenient than ever. Monitor and check videos that make your life safer. This modernity needs to be known more and widely applied in real life.

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