Tools for Google Maps is a tool that supports Google Maps with features such as highlighting, editing, and zoning. In addition, it can also calculate the perimeter, area, and distance between two points. This is a convenient intelligent map application for everyone’s daily life.

App NameTools for Google Maps
PublisherSimão Lúcio
GenreMaps & Navigation
Latest Version5.38
MOD InfoAds Removed/Extra
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Toolmaps are an effective tool to help you locate many precise locations on the map. This is an outstanding application, and the application will help users clearly see many large areas on the map. A special feature is that users can also locate and identify that area as quickly as possible, and more interestingly, users can also edit right in that map. Zone objects and add new frames with characteristic colors to help you know the critical area on the map.


The app will give you a big map to help you locate the area quickly. Users will see the effect that appears because the results provided are speedy and exceed the user’s expectations.

Tools for Google MapsTools for Google Maps


The application has many search methods, but the most popular is the smart voice search. This search will shorten a huge amount of time, and thanks to this search, the application will give more satisfying results. The application promises to upgrade searchability even faster to serve your own needs.


The application can quickly turn on the desired positioning and measure the starting distance to the ending distance. Turning on the compass immediately to determine the direction is also a perfect choice. Users can also use this compass to help determine the direction to build houses, make roads, etc.


The application allows you to add text right on the map surface to indicate symbols or add note information. The application provides enough new fonts and scripts to make your notes interesting. More specifically, you can change the size of this text.


The indicated colors are also given a lot by the application to create unique points for the application. Users can also change the color tone in their own ways or according to the standard measure that the application provides.

Tools for Google MapsTools for Google Maps


  • Allows you to search for many areas and locations right on the map that the application provides.
  • Helps you to localize the object as well as quickly locate that location according to your wishes.
  • You can use color text to create bold areas right in this map.
  • There are great tools for you to calculate the perimeter, area of ​​frames on the map, and more.
  • Option to turn on the compass, turn on smart navigation and instantly connect to other intelligent vehicles.
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