Enter the Tower Conquest Mod APK globe in pursuit of everlasting glory! Recruit and train a powerful army to demolish enemy towers.

App Name Tower Conquest
Publisher Titan Mobile LLC
Genre Strategy
Size 170M
Latest Version 23.0.18g
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Tower Conquest is an entertaining tactical defense game where its content is friendly with lovely and lively graphics for players to relax. Above all, it emphasizes absolute simplicity as players only need to use a few actions combined with impervious strategies to achieve overwhelming victory. As they progress further in their conquest, they will always face new challenges with sheer humor in many situations.


The player’s conquest in Tower Conquest will span countless different lands, with various enemies and bosses for their strategy or formation to evolve. The entire trip goes through a certain level, and the goal of each level is different, but the player can perform better than required to receive more rewards. The funny thing is that the interaction of the main characters or bosses is lively to entertain players through each event.

Tower Conquest: Tower Defense Strategy Games


The battles occur in real-time, and the player’s task is to use effective combat units to destroy the opponent’s castle. However, the match’s tempo will increase over time, and the player will have a mana cost when summoning a certain unit. Thus, they must organize tactics and summon each unit properly to have the strongest lineup in each fight.

Tower Conquest: Tower Defense Strategy Games


The variety of game modes in Tower Conquest will be an endless source of entertainment as players can delight in enjoying moments of peace but are full of tension. The content of each mode is different, like permanent energy, survival, overwhelming, and more to diversify gameplay and player experience. Moreover, their rewards are generous, and there are many elements needed for players to upgrade or add new forces to the squad.

Tower Conquest: Tower Defense Strategy Games


Each land the player traverses has its unique monster system, which causes the battlefield or player’s lineup to adapt to improve the odds of victory constantly. Many special factors will affect both teams at each level, but players can take disadvantages and turn them to their advantages. In the future, players sometimes have to change their ultimate skills to destroy monsters effectively with the corresponding elemental.

Tower Conquest: Tower Defense Strategy Games


As players continuously enter new lands, Tower Conquest will also introduce many new combat units for players to change formations. The system of combat units is widely diverse, with many characteristics and advantages for players to utilize effectively in each different type of battlefield. Even so, players can only bring along up to 5 separate battle units, but their abilities can resonate for players to be more creative in the lineup selection process.

Tower Conquest: Tower Defense Strategy Games


Players can upgrade each combat unit if they collect the required number of cards. After upgrading, their number in each summoning, damage, and defense will increase so that players can use them against stronger enemies. Not only that, their new shapes and abilities will unlock to diversify the combat unit system and more.

The entertainment from Tower Conquest is endless and increases over time as players develop or upgrade all the amenities included in their squad. Besides, the game sometimes has many exciting events and challenges and generous rewards for players to develop and adapt to different difficulty levels.


  • There are five distinct factions, each with its own set of 70 characters, heroes, and towers.
  • Strategic battle with objectives that tests your tower defense and speed abilities!
  • With bespoke animation and over 50 faction-specific venues, the game has a vibrant 2D graphic style.
  • Collect cards to unlock, combine, and develop your soldiers, giving them new and powerful powers.
  • As you complete tasks and travel to new planets and arenas, you’ll unlock a generative map system with ever-increasing rewards!
  • Daily quests and merchant offers are plentiful.
  • Mix and match 1,000s of character combinations to create your own squad with 5 distinct squad slots!
  • Battle in difficult Player vs. Player combat and exchange presents with Facebook buddies.
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