App Name Train Station 2
Publisher Pixel Federation Games
Genre Strategy
Size 208M
Latest Version 2.6.3
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Train Station 2 takes you to a new paradise, a paradise that is full of trains, transcontinental tracks. This is a unique strategy game, and players will develop their railway lines everywhere in the world. Develop thousands of types of trains and make every city the point of passage for that railway. More interesting is that players will be adventuring everywhere, building many railway lines in all cities in every major region of the world.

Train Station 2: Tycoon Games


In this game, players will discover an exciting railway world. Railway structures will be included in the game to show players its attractiveness. A special feature is that the player must be responsible for constructing and maintaining all major railway systems on all roads. This construction will take a lot of time and effort, so sketch and give the most standard orientation.

You should also understand a little bit about prior railway structures. The goal is to comprehend the design and physical characteristics of each route. Depending on the area, this construction will be based on your sketch and will be built in stages. Calculate the details of each road as well as the distance, the maximum distance to prevent undesirable scenarios when traveling. Train Station 2 will also provide you with daring ideas to put into action.

Train Station 2: Tycoon Games


After you have selected the ideas and selected a reasonable sketch, then you will have to proceed to construction. This construction process will require you to add labor as well as related machinery. The game gives you everything you want, from construction machines to construction supervisors. This construction will mark a great turning point in your history in Train Station 2.

You need to build the longest railway lines between cities by yourself. The game also provides you with all kinds of trains to serve for traveling as well as transporting goods. There will be a classification right in the game; trains used for people to move will go in a different direction than transport trains. This difference requires you to pay attention to highlight the attraction of each type of ship.

Train Station 2: Tycoon Games


The interesting thing is that you should also expand the train routes to places to serve to exploit resources. Resource extraction will be easy because these special transport trains are available, and the crates are upgraded to suit each of your purposes. Moreover, you should also add trains for fast speed. And especially, you have to build other special roads to serve the transportation of resources in Train Station 2.

Players need to build the most extended lines in the history of trains. The main purpose is to bring Train Station 2 into the main focus and be known by more people. The game always creates excitement and follows closely as you build. A special feature is that you will unlock more new lands to build more recent buildings.

Train Station 2: Tycoon Games

– Upgrade the most extensive railway system in the world.
– Ability to use high-tech machines in construction
– Construction of many large-scale roads.
– Added more influential trains.
– Expand the roads to serve the exploitation of resources.

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