Truck Driving Simulator Games MOD APK gives players the experience of driving trucks in Pakistan and completing challenging missions. You can move the trucks and go to various locations, depending on your progress.


App Name Truck Driving Simulator Games
Publisher Apex Fun Games
Genre Strategy
Size 44M
Latest Version 4.3.5
MOD Info Unlock All Levels, Speed
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Truck Driving Simulator Games is a simulation game where you will control a truck designed in Pakistani style. You will go through various missions and perform transport operations in complete detail. At the same time, the number of missions is completely diverse and is a condition for you to unlock different trucks. Certainly, anyone wishes to complete them correctly and without making mistakes.

Truck Driving Simulator Games


Players will experience the feeling of driving a vehicle with distinctive Pakistani design and appearance in Truck Driving Simulator Games and go through the challenging missions they are asked to. They will go through many different levels and use their driving skills to transport any object. In addition, all stages of the driving are done by the players, and they will ensure that the driving is free of any problems. Surely, there will be many challenges waiting for you ahead.

Players will control the truck in detail through many different levels, and of course, with a simulation game, detailed control is an essential element. You will adjust the gearshift, accelerator, and brake pedals through various terrains and be careful with what you are transporting. At the same time, players can change the experience by changing the perspective, and although the world in the game is not large, there are still elements that you need to adhere to.

Truck Driving Simulator Games


At the beginning of Truck Driving Simulator Games, the player will choose a truck and select the game screen. The player will be teleported to a location and see his vehicle; from there, they’ll drive it to the green area and wait a few seconds until the item appears in the truck’s trailer. At the same time, you will drive to a pre-specified area to complete the level, and of course, moving will need to be careful so that objects do not have any problems.

If you are new to navigation in this game, then you should not have too much difficulty because of the number of instruction messages that appear. They are outstanding lights so, for sure, it is easy for you to recognize them and you also need to pay attention while driving. In particular, you will observe the directions and know the bends to take to avoid missing the right path. Sure, over time, you’ll get used to this.

The number of completely diverse levels you can find and, of course, the items you transport will constantly change over time. It could be metal crates that can fly out of the trailer if you don’t stay in the designated lane. So your experience will change when going to the locations of each level, and you will want to complete them in the best way. Depending on how fast you complete the level, you will experience more different types of vehicles.

Truck Driving Simulator Games


In Truck Driving Simulator Games, players will be able to choose the trucks they want to drive to start the level, and of course, one of them will be locked. It is completely understandable because you have not completed too many missions when you start the game. So you will know the requirements of these trucks to try to reach the right level and drive new trucks. Their sizes will vary, and your shipping will also be subject to certain adjustments.

Driving each truck has specific changes, and you will try to adapt to the new elements and try to change the experience in the game. Changing this experience is quite diverse as you go through many different levels and choose between day mode or night mode. At the same time, in each specific condition, players will need to be careful because the characteristics of the game screen have changed slightly, and you will try to observe to avoid mistakes during the game.

Truck Driving Simulator Games

Players will experience Pakistani truck driving simulation gameplay:

  • Players will be able to control the truck in detail through various buttons, and they will ensure that the driving is free of any problems.
  • They will go through many different levels, and each has specific requirements that they must complete and go to a predetermined location.
  • Full perspective changes can be made so that players can change their experiences and make good use of the characteristics of the perspectives.
  • Overcoming many different levels in the game is a condition for players to unlock new trucks and face many different challenges.
  • Each level has options related to day and night modes, so you will spend time exploring elements of change.
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