Truck World: Euro Simulator Mod APK – Discover new European and American famous-brand trucks, get experience, and improve your vehicle.

App NameTruck World: Euro Simulator
PublisherGameFirst Mobile
Latest Version1.237373
MOD InfoUnlimited Money (increase when spent)
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Truck World will give people a huge world built based on the real world, mainly Europe and North America, to enjoy truck driver work. Its main content depends on the realistic truck driving simulation, including the work system, truck operation, and entertainment. Above all, its 3D graphics will make the simulation element enhanced and give players the most realistic experience.

Truck World: Euro & American Tour (Simulator 2021)


The world inside Truck World is mostly based on a realistic scale, so its roads and cities are meticulously constructed and packed with exciting activities. Everything revolves around the job of a truck driver. However, it is still enough for players to travel around Europe or North America and admire the famous wonders in many locations. On top of that, the timing and contract systems are also refined, making the world more wide and deep for players to drive around.

Truck World: Euro & American Tour (Simulator 2021)


Besides the vast world, the control system is full of realism and applies many realistic mechanics to enhance the realism in gameplay. Fortunately, players will have basic instructions in operation and all its functions to prepare for the first jobs. While driving, the player also has to interact with the gearbox continuously to effectively control the speed and performance of the vehicle based on whatever terrain or road they are driving.

Truck World: Euro & American Tour (Simulator 2021)


Truck World will feature a dynamic camera system to enhance player performance and accuracy while driving. Each camera angle has its characteristics, and players can utilize them effectively to have positive results for each trip. That helps them avoid collisions when traveling in tight environments and gives them the true feeling of drivers when they have a particular perspective from the driving seat and use the rearview mirror subtly.

Truck World: Euro & American Tour (Simulator 2021)


Each city that the player passes through has a separate system and list of contracts to create many opportunities to increase revenue. Contracts all require the player to transport trailers to a specified location within the required time, even parking, and place them at a designated location for a bonus. Fortunately, the contracts’ destination is always other cities for players to explore around the city or states.

Truck World: Euro & American Tour (Simulator 2021)


The game will introduce a massive truck system for players to unlock and upgrade them with impressive appearance options for more driving fun. The player’s job will always be profitable based on their shipping speed, enough to unlock a variety of new trucks to improve productivity and results. Some special trucks are offered as rewards based on individual progress to stimulate players towards their driving careers.


The great thing is that players can experience truck driving with other players in huge cities. The online driving mode will always gather many drivers in the servers, and at the same time show the realism and vividness when players can meet new friends while wandering around. Some events or large contracts sometimes require a group of drivers, providing an opportunity for everyone to ride together and share the most peaceful moments.

Truck World uses state-of-the-art graphics technology to give players the most vivid and realistic role-playing, even giving them a dynamic camera mode to facilitate work. Best of all, it has many elements and great potential to create a trucker community and build a truck simulator enthusiast’s paradise.


  • Actual freight trucks and trailers, real cities, contemporary amenities, including highway and offroad driving.
  • It’s never boring! Pick your cargo, trailers, and missions. You may choose from automobile carriers, hazardous waste tankers, and flammable product conveyors. The game includes dump machines, container machines, and open trailers.
  • You get to drive 16 strong freight trucks throughout Europe and deliver stuff! Want to be a truck driver? Get in the car and go!
  • It has thrilling freight transportation missions on rails. See the world through a driver’s perspective. Accept the task and go!
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