App NameTwilight: Blue light filter
PublisherUrbandroid (Petr Nálevka)
GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Version13.3 b504
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Twilight is a blue light filter application that is extremely useful in preventing special types of light from affecting the user’s eyes when used for a long time. The worst thing is that when users are exposed to that kind of light for too long before going to bed, it can create many sleep problems and affect the user’s nerves. Therefore, this application will be the absolute solution to protect their eyes and have a great sleep if they are suffering from this symptom.


The first feature of Twilight is the ability to change the brightness of the device dynamically to protect the user’s eyes from dangerous moments. That also applies to changing the brightness when the user is indoors or outdoors, and everything is enough for the user to monitor, read, and use the phone comfortably. The application uses special protocols to recognize the user’s surroundings, always adjusting the appropriate brightness even at the brightest angle.

Twilight: Blue light filterTwilight: Blue light filter


If users do not like the automatic brightness correction feature, the application will introduce many unique and useful light filters for the device. Those filters are sometimes called Sun, Alarm, Custom, and Always. The effects and capabilities of each option are different and varied, along with extensive customization for users to change their quality. In addition, the constant change of filters is also useful, helping the eyes adapt to a variety of friendly and healthy light.


Bluelight is a light that is most often harmful in dark places or at night when the user’s eyes are tired and more sensitive. That kind of light, when used for a long time, is extremely harmful, but Twilight can reduce its dangerous intensity, even protect the eyes and give the user a good night’s sleep. The application will also have more methods to help sleep better if the user has been exposed to blue light for a long time without protection and more.


Constantly adjusting the light intensity will benefit the eye, helping it adapt to all types of light more flexibly. Therefore, the application will have many different user profiles to freely change the duration of use or switch the light continues to adapt gradually. Of course, the profiles will all automatically apply to the user’s environment or real-time, promising to protect their eyes from dangerous lights.

Twilight: Blue light filterTwilight: Blue light filterTwilight: Blue light filter


The advantage of Twilight is that it synchronizes all user data and links with other platforms to protect the user’s eyes. This application will interfere with any luster from any source, helping to protect the user’s eyes on every detail, moment, and place. Moreover, it will also suggest many other options to change the user experience or the screen’s color while still protecting the eyes.


Besides taking advantage of the light to protect the user’s eyes, the application will also introduce many useful instructions to sleep extremely well. These content are all for people who have trouble sleeping in the past when exposed to blue light for a long time and have neurological effects. Fortunately, those tutorials have been revised over time, so it’s now available to everyone.

The greatness of Twilight is its safety in protecting the user’s eyes from prolonged exposure to a multitude of complex lights. Many people also have frequent sleep disturbances because of long exposure to blue light before going to bed. The app will also have more tutorials and content to fix any related issues and enhance their eyesight in these modern days.

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