App NameUnicorn Blocker
PublisherUnicorn Soft
Latest Version1.9.9.35
MOD InfoFull Paid
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Are you aware that the cost of unused data from adverts has the potential to increase by a factor of four?
Unicorn can save up to four times the amount of data that other adverts waste, and it can also speed up online browsing by up to three times. This is achieved by blocking advertisements from appearing on websites. In addition, if you browse the web less intensively, the battery life of your device may increase by up to 21 percent.

Because it stops potentially harmful adverts from loading, this tool will save you some storage space and save you some bandwidth. You should be aware that in this day and age, absolutely anything and everything may be sold over the internet. Therefore, data consumption takes place anytime there is something new on the screen. As a consequence, utilizing this blocker will make it possible for you to preserve up to fifty percent of the data plan you have paid for. By acting in this manner, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money.

After you have stopped the adverts, the speed of your web browser will be much improved compared to how swiftly it functioned before. The measuring process can speed up the operation of the browser by a factor of up to three. When utilizing this software to watch videos, you won’t have to worry about any lagging, despite the fact that the videos you watch will have a greater resolution. In addition, the phone will not unexpectedly activate if it does not have any adverts that have been loaded on it. Due to the fact that the battery would not be put to use as a result of this, the battery’s lifespan would be increased by 21 percent.

When people explore the internet, they are presented with a wide variety of adverts on a daily basis. Commercials that play before videos even start to load, advertising that hides until they suddenly appear, and advertisements that arrive out of nowhere are all extremely irritating. These are the types of commercials that are very aggravating to deal with.

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