US Conflict — Tank Battles takes you to a fictional second world war. You will become one of two factions and embark on a war that affects this world.

App Name US Conflict — Tank Battles
Publisher 4Flash
Genre Strategy
Size 48M
Latest Version 1.16.144
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US Conflict is known as a strategy game designed in real-time. You will have the opportunity to set foot in World War 2 when Germany attacks the United States. Here, you can experience more than 28 different missions along with many attractive multiplayer modes from all over the world. Therefore, this game supports a variety of languages ​​suitable for all countries. Not stopping there, we also provide you with the perfect loot and power-up weapons to become the trump card.

US Conflict — Tank Battles


If you’ve just gotten used to this game, you still have a lot of surprises and unexpected problems. Don’t worry; when players come to our latest version, you will encounter a very detailed tutorial feature that has been dramatically improved. Not stopping there, here, you can also meet with an attractive campaign 3, promising many exciting experiences waiting ahead.

US Conflict — Tank Battles


In addition to the newly released campaign, US Conflict also owns another campaign board. Here, you will receive more than 28 missions scattered throughout the battlefield. This requires your imagination combined with your intelligence to create the perfect strategy. Not only that, but the experience can also become a good assistant for you to immerse yourself in these intense battles until the end. Non-stop challenges welcome you to come and conquer it now.

US Conflict — Tank Battles


It’s never been easier to communicate and challenge heroes from around the world. You can participate in the co-op game mode with up to 4 players, and these people are chosen by the players themselves and given the challenge. They can come from different countries like the USA, UK, France, even Romania, and Czechoslovakia, also participating in the battle for territory and position on this battlefield.

In addition to the person fighting directly with you being a real player from four pools of five continents, US Conflict also allows you to play against AI. This is our super bright and fast auto-battle suite, and thanks to AI, you can take advantage and learn strategies from them. In addition, the adjustment of speed and level according to your skills will also be controlled by AI to help you unhindered and bored when coming to us.

US Conflict — Tank Battles


Not stopping there, US Conflict can help players upgrade units and power for nations. Here, you can use more than 20 types of infantry and air force units to fight. In addition, we have added different types of vehicles that can help you. It can be a tank that takes players across all terrains, or it can be a truck that transports various weapons and workforce. Along with that is a command vehicle for high-ranking people and a static gun to attack the enemy directly.

Players can perform campaigns and special attacks to destroy enemies quickly. The game takes you to smart, flexible defense tactics. Specifically, the minefields you send your soldiers to plant on the wrong traps of the enemy. Not stopping there, you can also place fixed turrets and actively launch attacks against enemy tanks. The boosters will activate the power to help you take the initiative on the battlefield.

US Conflict — Tank Battles

– Join the army of the fictional world war two built especially impressively.
– Join many game modes, can play against players globally, and smart AI.
– Upgrade weapons and vehicles to increase your power to gain an advantage on the battlefield.
– Provided with many different types of guns for the championship trophy.
– Use clever tactics to strengthen your tower defenses, such as planting minefields and placing turrets.

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