Video player – PRO version is an application that helps users to play videos and music with features that support each type of media file. It is also compatible with many different types of subtitles files.

App NameVideo Player Pro
PublisherRecorder & Music Apps
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version5.9
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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Video player – PRO version provides users with an experience of watching videos and listening to their favorite songs with diverse features. The features support and match these two types of media files and provide quality and customized experiences to users’ needs. At the same time, users can add subtitles to the video using different subtitles files compatible with the application.

Video player – PRO version


Users can have the entertainment experience of listening to music and watching videos with just the Video player – PRO version, which has useful features. The app’s feature supports videos and songs that you store inside your device, respectively, so you won’t need to use too many apps to get your entertainment started. In addition, searching for different files can be done quickly.


When you visit the main interface of the Video player – PRO version, you can find a search feature, and the application provides criteria for you to choose from. These criteria will help you filter out the files you want and start your leisure time afterward. In addition, the application also supports searching videos by folder, and users can create a folder containing videos that they are interested in and watch a lot.


Users can find useful features of today’s music players in the Video player – PRO version. One of the factors worth mentioning is the equalizer with different presets that users can freely explore and choose. At the same time, users will be able to tailor their experience when listening to different songs, and from there, they will have a more tailored experience. So it’s a feature that any user would use.

Video player – PRO versionVideo player – PRO version


When users use the Video player – PRO version to watch videos, they will have high-quality entertainment time. Specifically, the quality of videos that the application supports can be up to 4K, so the image quality is completely guaranteed, and users will be attracted to the world of video. The application also supports inserting subtitles from the files provided by the user so their experience will become more relevant.


One of the points for users to support playing video and music is compatibility with various media files with different formats. Specifically, users can easily find files like MP4, AVI, MP3, MOV, and many other file types. So, surely users can safely use many different kinds of files without using too many applications. The application also supports features to optimize the user experience.


The application supports some features that users cannot ignore, and the first one is widgets. They can set up widgets on the home screen and can start experiencing what they want at any time with just one touch on the home screen. Also, the app can run in the device’s background so the user can listen to any song until their limit is reached. So the application is completely tailored to the user’s experience.

Video player – PRO versionVideo player – PRO version


The application supports many formats of media files that it supports and is also compatible with many subtitle file types. Specifically, besides the commonly used file type, SRT, users can find many different formats SUB, TXT, VTT, and others. From there, you can adjust and choose the appropriate subtitles to experience the video’s content in the best way. Indeed this is a valuable application that any user should use.

Users will not be able to take their eyes off useful entertainment features:

  • Users only use a single application to listen to music, watch videos, and take advantage of features compatible with each file type.
  • Users can find 4K quality for an impressive movie viewing time and can add subtitles to understand the content of the videos better.
  • For audio files, users can find search and background features and widgets so they can play music whenever they want.
  • The application supports an equalizer feature with presets that users can refer to and adjust media files to suit their preferences better.
  • Users will be impressed with the compatibility feature when it can well support various media files and subtitle files being used.
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