App NameVideoshop – Video Editor
PublisherJajijujejo Inc.
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version2.9.0 b428
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Videoshop is a video editing application with a variety of features that any user can easily access. It is operated on a single layer mechanism, and its features affect many aspects of the video. At the same time, creating a video trending on social networks is entirely doable if you pay attention to a few essentials. Surely this will be a tool that you should not ignore.


When you visit Videoshop, you will find two buttons: record and import; you can fully recognize the corresponding function of these buttons. In most cases, users will choose to import because they will spend time preparing content and resources before editing. After that, you will start to edit the colors of the video and add some elements that you feel are necessary. At the same time, the layer will appear according to each feature, not using multi-layer like other applications.

Videoshop – Video EditorVideoshop – Video Editor


After you have finished selecting videos, Videoshop will provide you with a feature that resizes videos. That will interfere with the video’s aspect ratio to make their products suitable for video platforms such as Tiktok, Youtube, and others. Also, if your video is not up to the required aspect ratio, you can adjust the black gaps with backgrounds with different colors.


Once you have completed the resize process in Videoshop, the next appropriate step would be to cut the videos into the parts that you feel are important. This cutting ultimately makes it easy for you to easily separate essential parts of the video and insert some other elements because the application does not use many layers. At the same time, you can also fully adjust the speed of the video and the duration of the images if you use a series for the material.

Videoshop – Video EditorVideoshop – Video Editor


Color correction is never a redundant feature in video editing applications because it gives a new color to your product. Precisely, you can adjust the level of some elements such as brightness, contrast, and others. At the same time, the filter feature is also supported and perfectly combined with the above editing feature to help you choose a suitable color for your video. You can improve some issues during video recording.


When you add sound effects to your videos in Videoshop, one nice thing is that you can come up with absolutely stunning songs that match your theme. It will help to enhance the meaning of the video and attract viewers. At the same time, some documentary videos can also be created where you can easily record your voice and add it to the video if you want. From there, this will be the element that makes the video more vivid.

Videoshop – Video EditorVideoshop – Video Editor


In any video editing application, it is easy to add other elements to the video, and the two most commonly used components are that you can add text and stickers. These two features both have similar elements when it comes to video decoration. At the same time, besides adjusting the color and format for the text, you should also not ignore the motions so that the content appears unexpectedly. From there, users will not be bored with the content you want to convey.

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