Village City Mod APK takes you to a piece of land to develop a city and attract many people to live. They will bring benefits to you and help you access more modern buildings.

App Name Village City: Town Building
Publisher Sparkling Society
Genre Strategy
Size 50M
Latest Version 2.0.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Village City is a construction game with straightforward mechanics, and your job is to build the city they love. Many different types of buildings bring certain benefits to you and attract more people to live. At the same time, the number of buildings will be unlocked when you reach a certain level, and many empty areas are waiting for you to use.

Village City: Town Building


Players will have an interesting task in Village City: building the city and making it impressive in the development process. You will build the city from the first steps because what you get the first time is an empty area, and there are no buildings yet. So you will use the money you have and start building the necessary buildings and attract more people to come and help the city develop stably.

Like other construction games, the player’s perspective is entirely comprehensive, and your land will be divided into smaller squares. It is completely convenient for choosing the right location to place the new buildings you want. At the same time, when all the construction is done correctly, you will certainly notice a marked change in the city. You will need to take care of many things in this game.

Village City: Town Building


The first building you will build in Village City is the house, and you will welcome the first guests to your city. With the large land size, players can completely place it in any position they want. There will be some decorative elements accompanying this house, and for sure, you can design a path so that the new residents can move freely. Some villagers have appeared and asked you to give them jobs.

Besides housing, people need to have a job to maintain their lives, and you also get benefits from building buildings with corresponding functions. The right type of building is the commercial type, and when one appears, you will see the people’s movements inside the city. At the same time, you can collect a certain amount of money similar to the taxes that people contribute to you after some time.

Village City: Town Building

Besides the houses and jobs you have prepared in advance, you can continue building some more types of building communities. Similar to its name, this type of building allows you to create links in the community and attract new people to your city. You will continue developing the city and expanding many new areas when the original land is no longer as large as before. Surely, over time, this city will become richer.


Besides the area you own in Village City, there will be many other locked areas, and of course, you can unlock them if you have enough resources. That unlock is completely useful when you can build many different new buildings. At the same time, it also brings a whole new view of your city when there are many convenient spaces for observation and construction. Sure, you’ll like the city to get bigger.

Village City: Town Building

You will receive a certain amount of experience points during the construction process to help you get to the next level. One of the mechanics of building games is that players will need to reach a certain level to unlock buildings later. In other words, if you want a beautiful and modern building, then you will spend time doing many things in the game and touching it. There will undoubtedly be many interesting buildings that you cannot ignore.


  • Players will travel to an unfamiliar location and begin the process of developing their city:
  • Players will go to an empty land and start building a city in your style with many different buildings.
  • The building number is quite diverse and divided into many categories with roles that you cannot ignore, such as a house, commercial, community, etc.
  • Over time, many residents will be attracted and come to your city, and you will get many benefits as they have a stable life.
  • Besides the land area you get in the game, you will easily unlock many other areas and use the money to unlock them.
  • Depending on your level, you will get many buildings with different designs, and certainly, anyone wants to build new ones.
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