VMake is a tool that helps you edit videos in detail and add many elements to make them more impressive. You can change the video’s color tone and make the transitions smooth.

App NameVMake
PublisherYu Group Global
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version6.2.4
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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VMake owns valuable video editing features that help you create products from the videos you have. You decide the length of the video, trim the unnecessary, and add elements that make the content engaging. At the same time, the subtitles will make the video easy to understand, and the sounds will create excitement and surprise.

VMake: Video Star & SlideshowVMake: Video Star & Slideshow


Users will find a fully detailed editing feature of VMake that allows you to select the important content and adjust it. The first job you need to do is select the quality videos you have recorded and adjust the duration for each one or apply it simultaneously. In addition, the crop feature helps you to remove unnecessary elements for more unique content to take them through to the following editing features.


Filters are essential to many people when they use VMake and give different tones to their videos. They can spend their time choosing the colors they feel are correct, and every time a filter is selected, a change will appear. At the same time, the theme will give the tones of the different activities you can find. It makes it possible to find colors as they were shot in different locations.


Every video editing app has an impressive amount of stickers, and in VMake, there are many options available to users. They can find items designed to look like they were drawn with crayons. At the same time, the search feature is also convenient as users can click on icons to find elements of the same type. You can use effects with different characteristics to highlight a video that you feel is important.

VMake: Video Star & SlideshowVMake: Video Star & Slideshow


When you experience VMake, you can certainly add many different elements to your video, and they all have specific meanings when used. You can let your favorite images appear in the video to surprise viewers and make the story more meaningful. At the same time, users can also use text to form subtitles so that viewers can understand what they want to convey.


There are many types of sounds that you can add to your videos, such as music and recorded sounds. As for music, users have completely different options, and the songs will increase the viewer’s attention to the video. If you want to dub your voice to make a point or explain something, it can also be done easily.


As mentioned above, the user will select some smaller videos to form a large one, and there are distances between them. These spaces allow users to add transitions and help content appear more attractive and unexpected. At the same time, the app also supports a split feature to separate the content so that more transitions can be added, so it is up to you to decide for yourself how many of these effects can appear.

VMake: Video Star & Slideshow


Once you’ve finished your product, you’ll be able to go to export it, and the export process should only take a short while. You will decide what to do with these videos, and you can save them for future use. At the same time, you can also share it to the social networking platforms that the application has linked with, and with just one touch, the sharing will be done. So this is a video editing tool that anyone should use.

Users can easily access the application’s useful editing features:

  • Users will select the videos they want to use and adjust their duration to prepare for adding other elements.
  • Filters can change the video’s tone and themes to give the impression of different locations and weather conditions.
  • Added texts make content easy to understand as viewers can read subtitles and sounds that keep them focused on the video.
  • There are many stickers with different designs that you can use and effects to help highlight something in the video.
  • Transition effects will make the content appear seamless and smooth, and the finished product can be exported and shared quickly.
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