Wavelet Mod APK is a unique application that allows users to customize different types of sounds. Simultaneously, the music experience will be significantly improved by simulating bass, reverberation, or fantastic spatial sound effects.

App NameWavelet
GenreMusic & Audio
Latest Version23.03 b2133
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Wavelet: headphone specific EQ will be an application that can give its users a great audio experience. If you are an extremely passionate music person with great music with melodious melodies, this is definitely an application that can help you a lot. Coming to this application, users will be able to get the best sound quality that a song can transmit to you through headphones.

Wavelet: headphone specific EQWavelet: headphone specific EQ


If the user has decided to choose for themselves this application to be able to customize the sound, then surely you are a person who is highly interested in sound and music. And to be able to provide its users with the best sound quality experience, the AutoEq feature will be a great feature. With this feature, Wavelet will provide you with a unique system to adjust and give you the best sound quality.


Besides, users coming to this application also want to be able to experience professional features. Therefore, the application has also added a feature that allows users to use the 9-band Graphic equalizer feature. Then the user will be able to perceive the sound exceptionally well when compensating for the types of missing or spiked frequencies that are considered highly annoying.


One of the types of sounds that can give users a lot of special emotions when listening is definitely the bass range. So, Wavelet has researched and allowed you to use the feature to enhance your sound with special bass ranges. In addition, you can also completely customize this bass range to your liking to try to eliminate unwanted resonances.

Wavelet: headphone specific EQWavelet: headphone specific EQ


The last thing that needs to be mentioned in the types of sounds that users can perceive the best is definitely the type of repercussion. And to be able to give your users a great sense of the reverberations contained in your music, this type of range simulation has been added. Moreover, users can also fully use the Virtualizer feature to add spatial effects to their music.


  • Feel your music in a significant way with sound customization features.
  • AutoEq feature helps users to experience extremely suitable sounds.
  • The Virtualizer feature will be able to simulate the sound sensory effect in an ample space.
  • The ability to feel the bass by increasing or customizing it at will.
  • The reverberation bands will be accurately simulated to increase the level of experience for you.
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