Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Mod APK – Take charge of your Wolfgang! Achieve dominance as the alpha wolf in the wilderness!

App Name Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom
Publisher Special Gamez
Genre Strategy
Size 767.7M
Latest Version 1.0.9
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You and other wolves worldwide must band together to take on other wolf packs in a struggle for survival, exploration, hunting, challenge, and vengeance. As the pack leader, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the pack’s den and advance the pack’s status in the wild food chain. With its animal theme and in-app purchases, Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom is a free-to-play strategy game.

In this game, you’ll be working to create a powerful wolf pack. Collect as many different species of wolves as possible to form a formidable pack, such as the mighty Timber Wolf, the cunning Gray Wolf, the stunning Arctic Wolf, and the enigmatic Black Wolf. You and your wolf pack may now move and battle in real-time! Do you feel like your friendships are under siege? In order to retaliate against your assailant, you can dispatch a pack of wolves to their aid or travel to their lair yourself. Remember that the topography on the wild map will impact your planned march route.

The exact figures do matter. In the wolf world, you can locate people with similar goals by joining an Alliance. Alliance territory’s special design allows players to collaborate on constructing alliance structures, expanding the alliance’s area, and financial gain. Defeat other packs and seize their territory by working with wolves. Disperse explorers into the wilderness to check for intruders, follow animal trails, and stay one step ahead of predators in order for the pack’s Alpha to make it safely through the forest.

Win the war via cunning planning, and then spread your wolf dominion across the wilderness. Strive to survive the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Position yourself as the team captain. Take charge of the wilderness and be its master! The game takes place in a single, expansive region where players and NPCs have homes. It doesn’t have its bases or battle sequences. The “infinite zoom” function on mobile devices allows unrestricted exploration of the world map and each outpost. Rivers, mountains, and other topographical features, as well as strategically important crossings, must be managed in order to reach neighboring regions.

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